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  1. volunteer
    Yes, it's me, that annoying guy from Allpar.
  2. azmoparboy
    azmoparboy Jonny
    Hi Jonny, I live in Chandler and have 3 Challenger headliner bows. Unknown which ones they are. They are yours if you would like them, come and get them
  3. /sixchall
    /sixchall rbbruno3
    Rick, I have 2 ‘70 E-body seat buttons. Where do you want to go with this one? Al
  4. /sixchall
    /sixchall rbbruno3
    Rick......$40.00 for that seat button was way out there, even for me. Should’ve just kept it reasonable. $20.00 will be fine, I should have agreed with you in the first place. If your not super upset with me, get back with me and that button is yours for the $20.00, with buyer carrying shipping. Sorry buddy, Al
  5. CMC
    CMC SFEbody
    Hey SFE Body
    Do you still have your set of Head light bezels? I am interested....
  6. forsaorjan
    Hi! My namn is Örjan and i'm from Forsa/Sweden. I own My Challenger for about a month now
  7. forsaorjan
    Challenger 1972
  8. schlett7nu1
    schlett7nu1 davescuda
    Please keep me in mind if your 670 727 transmission remains available.
    1. davescuda
      I still have it.
      Jul 7, 2019
  9. Mxkilla
    Mxkilla DetMatt1
    Hi Matt Iam new to this group but I was hoping u could point me in the right direction. I have a BUNCH of classic mopar emblems I got when my dad passed and Iam trying to get rid of them and I no there is a lot of ppl who might want them I just don't know where to post them I have 2 brand new hemicuda emblems,challanger,charger ,custom you name it I
  10. rbbruno3
    rbbruno3 Blake129
    I would be interested in you manual pedals. I have 70 auto pedal assembly I would trade with you plus some cash for yours. Thanks Rick
  11. Neal Hinde
    Neal Hinde
    Wanted, 340 six pack intake manifold
  12. Maximus Matos
    Maximus Matos
  13. 472HEMI
    FOUND IT. Reunited after 37 years! What are the odds it survived and then odds on finding / buying it back. Dilly-Dilly
  14. Michael Rule
    Michael Rule
  15. Hughesy86
    Hughesy86 mmissile
    Hey missile, I was wondering if you knew the part number(s) for the 6.4 ram dipstick tube and dipstick you used on your 6.4. Also which brand/style of sump did you use? thanks, Dave.
    1. mmissile
      Sorry for the delay. I don't get on here too often. I have no part numbers, and used a Milodon oil pan.
      Jul 1, 2019
  16. 472HEMI
    Still looking for JS23N0B440736. A few leads like sold at Kruse auctions in San Antonio. Trail is cold...
  17. CudaChick1968
    CudaChick1968 340challconvert
    Thanks for checking out some of my work! :-)
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  18. CudaChick1968
    CudaChick1968 budascuda
    Thanks for visiting! I appreciate your 5-star feedback very much. :-)
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  19. Bobcat1955
    In Resto Mode,,,28 Years in Barn
  20. Phantom
    Life is good