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Nov 15, 2010
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    1. 71 FE5
      71 FE5
      I am looking for a 1970 AAR Sassy Grass Green automatic car that was purchased in Fort Wayne, Indiana and open the first 10 years of it's life in Allen County, Indiana, when it was sold to someone from Lima, Ohio that was going to use it as a circle track car. It had reared damage that buckled the right quarter. no vinyl top and a rally hood vs the AAR hood. See if we can find this car. Mike
    2. Simpo340
      ooking to enhance my driving experience by installing fuel injection. It takes a while to start the car by pumping the pedal. Any suggestions?
    3. 74 challenger
      74 challenger
      Don have a great xmas Dave
      1. Moparparts
        Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you as well and as always we appreciate your business and kind words
        Dec 25, 2017
    4. Cuda Scott
      Cuda Scott
      Great. What do you want for it?
    5. mpdlawdog
      Is the trim you have the two that go on the interior under the rear window? If so, how much...I think I ordered some parts from you in the past..70 challenger tail lights and what not...thanks!
    6. cudascott
      I sent you an email yesterday but I am not sure u got it? The radiator s last 3 numbers need to be 956! What are u asking for it? Also I am going tomorrow to look at a front lower vallance so please get back to me. Photos of balance how ruff is it and the lights and pig tails are working? How much and where are u located? Thanks
    7. David B
      David B
      Still upgrading my 1970 Barracuda convertable 340 4 speed, to a better look and driver. I have installed a tilt steering wheel, disk brakes & electric front windows from Classic Industries I need recomendations for the electric rear window kits and photos and sizes for new tires & wheels
      1. Moparparts
        Hi David
        Sorry i have very little experience with the aftermarket parts i only have experience and knowledge with original parts. I did have a set of Mopar rallye wheels 15 x 8 inches wide (Repos from Summit racing) with 295-50's on the back of my Cuda. They did fit but where very close to the quarter lip edge and i had to have the back raised up a bit.
        Dec 16, 2016
    8. Moparparts
      Great doing business with you as well please check back again
      1. Simpo340
        Looking to enhance my driving experience by installing fuel injection. It takes a while to start the car by pumping the pedal. Any suggestions?
        Mar 27, 2018
    9. jbearden
      Thanks for the part!!!Great doing business with you
    10. CR74Challenger
      Hi, Im looking for the rear window defroster for my 74 Challenger... Would you happen to have one?
    11. Juan Veldez
      Juan Veldez
      Do you have front bumper brackets for Challengers?
    12. johnnyscustom
      how much do u want for ur 71 cuda
    13. 300
      Thanks but found one close to here
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