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    Underpowered Million Dollar cars

    Hi folks, After a recent post by somebody here on this forum, i started to wonder if in-fact any of the members , ON THIS SITE, has ever sold a car for a million dollars! I am more specifically interested in any underpowered car that a febo member here has sold for a million dollars or...
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    The Black Ghost

    I just came across this today, if you folks remember, we were talking about this 1970 hemi Challenger just recently. This 40minute clip could possibly be the begginins of a full length movie, hopefully one done in good taste. One of the things I noticed is the grandson looks just like his...
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    Help needed to id

    Hi folks, Could someone help me with this? Thanks very much I was hoping for better pictures, but thats what was sent to me.
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    Why is it taking so long?

    just got this in my e mail I don't know, I don't want to be rude but I stopped myself from sending Mike Gary a message a couple of times already. (I guess I was waiting to see if he is gonna reproduce parts for matadors first! lol) I just wanted to ask him, where is the logic in...
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    Is any body Hunting Cudas?

    It's in Vancouver BC craigslist.
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    Dodge challenger for sale

    Things are getting bad out there, it reminds me of W. C. Field's famous one liner; " It's not a fit night out, for man or beast". (the short film THE FATAL GLASS OF BEER) It certainly looks bleak for the entry level newcomers to the field.
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    Here comes Santa!

    Now this is a gift to all the mopar fans all over the world. The blue oval came out with a Bullitt edition mustang and a fake gas cap, I don’t know what kind of tomfoolery GM is up to, but hey, dodge does it right, again!
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    Sixties or seventies ?

    Hi folks, Could someone please tell me if a 1968 340 block is compatible or as good as a 1970 340 block? Thanks in advance.
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    B body 4 speed for an E body car?

    The topic must have come up already, but I seem to have a hard time finding it. What needs to be changed on a b body 4 speed transmission to fit in an e body car? The ratios are a bit different and that's all I can remember. I appreciate any info on this, thanks
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    /6 or 440? That's the question!

    Hey folks, are there any visual differences between the BARE engine compartment of a /6 1970 challenger and a 440 1970 challenger. Thx
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    Sooo...! that's the way it gonna be.

    Not mine, but e body related. I hope he can make it happen.
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    Trunk pan

    Can someone tell me whats the difference between a 70 and a 71 cuda trunk pans?
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    Lest we forget!

    Dear friend and beloved foes, In light of the recent tragic event in Nevada, let's engage in a discussion that is heated and hated for oh so long. A hand to hand combat with an issue that has created foes out of friends and vice versa. Needless to say; an issue that has left many grief stricken...
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    Robots need loving too

    Robots; being mankind's ever evolving endeavor , they have reached a point where their presence is felt in all aspects of our lives, they have reached a level of sophistication that allows them to appear almost human ,with human interests. You don't believe me? Look at the Window in the right...
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    Okay, gee mee 4 gees

    Well I thought it was interesting that some people think that just because it's for fun, you should loose money on your hobbies or interests. If that was true, the gentleman who sold his hemi cuda on BJ for 3.5 million must have been shocked out of his socks to see the 3.5 mill bid. (he was...
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    Come on , don't be fantastic!

    During a conversation the other night with a friend whom I thought knows very little about cars and even less about welding, the topic of spot welding came up and how I should approach my project. He claimed that there is a sequence to spot or stud welding a piece of sheet metal onto a car...
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    US or " over seas"

    Hi (e)very (body). I recently bought a 1970 cuda grill kit from B&E /A . The seller, during a 1/2 hour phone conversation, assured me that his kits are different than the ones made overseas, he said that his kits are"OE perfect". So my son ordered the kit and when it arrived, contrary to the...