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  1. notacuda

    Rear Sway Bar Install

    Afternoon all, I'm installing my rear sway bar on my 72 Barracuda. It came off of the car so I know it should go back on. I'm having problems bolting the bushings on the long bolt. There is no thread to screw the nut on. If I squeeze the bushings together i can see the threads on the bolt. I'm...
  2. notacuda

    72 Barracuda Red Grill Paint

    I tried hemi orange. It's close but not quite red enough. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. notacuda

    72 Barracuda Red Grill Paint

    thanks for the feedback and charts. still not sure what red paint was used. Tom
  4. notacuda

    72 Barracuda Red Grill Paint

    Good afternoon again. I'm still looking for the correct red paint that is on the grill of my 72. Any help will be appreciated.
  5. Tom's


    1972 Plymouth Barracuda (Not a Cuda), numbers matching. Reported, one of 400 Barracuda's produced with the Cuda performance options; high performance 340 - heavy duty sport suspension - A/C - p.s./p.b - etc.
  6. notacuda

    72 Barracuda red trim paint for the front grill

    Good afternoon all; looking for the correct red paint for the trim on my 72 Barracuda. I tried Totally Auto but I'm getting no response. See attached pic. Much thanks in advance.
  7. notacuda

    3 speed wiper harness !!!

    Thank you all for the information. Goes to show you that one really needs to do their homework before spending $$$ on the restoration. So my question is where can I get the correct lead and socket?
  8. notacuda

    3 speed wiper harness !!!

    thanks Jim, checking my 3 speed wiper motor, it looks like the connector plug is not the type you show in you pic's. Also, the pigtail is not long enough to plug into the bulkhead connector. Suggestions?
  9. notacuda

    3 speed wiper harness !!!

    Good morning, I'm looking for a 3 speed wiring harness for my 72 340 Barracuda. I can only locate ones for a 2 speed wiper. Any help or suggestions??? Can I modify a 2 speed? Need urgently. Thanks ahead of time!!!!
  10. notacuda

    A/C Liquid Line Needed for a 72 -74 E Body

    Hi all, I'm looking for a good used or NOS a/c liquid line for my 72 340 Barracuda w/air. It's the line that runs from the condenser to the drier on the passenger side, p/n 3502233. The one I received from a Florida firm is not the same configuration as the one I took off and can't find when I...
  11. notacuda

    Carb transmission rod clip

    I want thank everyone for the help. Maybe you all can help me with a bigger problem. My throttle linkage does not line up with the carb. The set up on the top half of the 340 is a Edelbrock Air Gap intake with a Holly carb. I can't use an aftermarket throttle bracket because of the trans. kick...
  12. notacuda

    Carb transmission rod clip

    Thanks for the information Tony. I found one in my spare parts.
  13. notacuda

    Carb transmission rod clip

    Can anyone help me find a clip that goes on the end of the carb/transmission rod kick down lever. My car is a 71 Barracuda 340 , 727 transmission, all factory. My parts catalog shows p/n 2946640 b/c crank to carb rod. Any help would be appreciated!! Tom
  14. notacuda

    Correct vacuum lines or vacuum line kit

    Hi all, I'm finishing up a restoration on a 72 340 Barracuda w/air. Can anyone recommend a source the sells correct vacuum lines or line kits for my car. Thanks for the help in advance.
  15. notacuda

    Wanted, bracket for water control valve (servo control unit)

    Thanks, I do have a 72 Barracuda 340 w/air and I would like to purchase the bracket. I live in Ohio and will email or figure out how to pm yes I'm interested. the car is a 72 340 Barracuda w/factory air. I'm not sure how to PM you since I don't use facebook. Thanks,Tom
  16. notacuda

    Wanted, bracket for water control valve (servo control unit)

    Help, help!!! The 72 Barracuda I'm restoring is missing the bracket for the water valve. I've done some research and the hole locations on my fender well show that the attached bracket (pic) is correct. I have other brackets, but I don't want to drill new holes. Any help locating one similar to...
  17. notacuda

    MP Sparkplug Wires

    I'm finishing the restoration on my 72 Barracuda, 340 auto. I want to keep the factory appearance on the 340 motor by using orange MP P4529797 7mm wires. The comments I hear about these wires is that they are too short to fit properly. Does anyone have a recommendation as to what wires to...
  18. notacuda

    Heater Box Seal

    Thanks, I just ordered one. Tom
  19. notacuda

    Heater Box Seal

    Afternoon All, Need some help locating a heater box to dash seal p/n 2936608. 72 Barracuda a/c evaporator box to dash seal. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  20. notacuda

    DynoMax VT Mufflers

    Afternoon, Need some help with muffler options. Have a 72 Barracuda with a built 340 motor, 70 H.P. exhaust manifolds. Installing 2.5" exhaust and was wondering if anyone has experience using Dynomax VT mufflers. I hear some complaints about the muffler being noisy due to the internal valve...