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    70 Cuda Shock Absorbers Replacement Suggestion

    I also he QA1 adjustable shocks. Work great.
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    tilt steering column

    Were you able to use the original key, ignition switch?
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    Dumb question on timing

    Hughes whiplash cam. 770 holley street avenger carb. Not sure on the distributer. Proform maybe. My question is does setting a lower initial timing (going from 17 to 13) cause the gas to boil over and flood the carb? 440 has 180 thermo and runs cool and dosent overheat
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    Dumb question on timing

    I recently changed the timing on the challenger (440, late model engine with large cam). It was set at 17* initial and all in at 38*. It ran rich and a little rough. I now set the timing at 13* and all in at 34*. The car runs much better but I am maxed out on the distributer curve. My problem...
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    Rear License Plate Relocation.

    I agree that the best way is to fabricate an in between piece. I have a challenger and have to listen for when it's full otherwise it overflows onto the paint.
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    Fans, Shrouds and Other Things

    How does an electric fuel pump stop heat soak. If you have a carb, won't the fuel boil over regardless of electric or mechanical. The fuel is still in the floats of the carb. Can you explain why it solves the problem. I'm interested in doing a swap, just don't understand the logic.
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    Engine Oil

    Does Mobil 1 have enough zinc for a flat tappet cam? Also can there be too much zinc in oil?
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    Fender tag

    The only way to know what options the car came with is from the build sheet or tag. The vin has only limited info. If you can get any info off your build sheet that would be the only way. I thought data tags still did mopar tags though
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    Gull Wing bowed (grrr...)

    I have a go wing on my 70 challenger. Installed it back in 2012. Still straight with no bow or sag. Made of ABS plastic.
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    Hello from Massachusetts

    Welcome. Also here from Mass
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    Fuel Filling Problem

    Seems like the problem is the fill tube, it's a big hole, the new cars have a fill hole just barely larger than the gas pump nosel. An adapter plate, making the hole smaller might work to stop the fuel. Just a thought
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    Bipass alt question

    I got 8 gauge wire with a 12 gauge fusible link.
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    Bipass alt question

    I'm doing the alt bypass this weekend. I read up on lots of posts and got great advice here on wire. From the posts some people leave the old alt wire going to the ammeter and add another wire to starter relay and some remove the ammeter wire. I just want to bypass wire and leave the original...
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    Where can I buy 8 gauge wire?

    I like to thank everyone for there advice. I did find it at Lowes. Will order the fusible link from napa. I'm thinking 12 gauge on link instead of 10.
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    Where can I buy 8 gauge wire?

    So I'm doing an alternator bypass. I have gone to every autoparts store here and there either out or don't have anything over 10 gauge. Where can I buy or order online 8 gauge wire and a 10 gauge fusible link to go with it? Already tried rock auto, auto zone, pep boys, summit racing. I only...
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    Console installation

    I believe the console just bolts in 2 places, front and back. I never seen them buckle like that before.
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    Glass vendor? auto city classic any good?

    I replaced all my glass with AMD green tint. I have a challenger convertible and it fit great. I like the green tint, it dosent darken it too much.
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    Sniper/Edelbrock performer on 440. what brackets, etc?

    So does the pump go inside stock tank? Do you have to cut the stock tank to make it fit?
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    FOR SALE Rallye wheels

    4-1/2 × 5 is large bolt pattern