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  1. MoparCarGuy

    Lets see them wheel/tire combos

    Heck yeah! Wheels are just a bolt-on, run `em all!
  2. MoparCarGuy

    voltage to instrument panel lights?

    Some info on the dimmer switch that Slotts a.k.a. JS Restorations put out in the past.
  3. MoparCarGuy

    1970 Barracuda

    You may want to consider changing out the factory Instrument Voltage Limiter a.k.a. Instrument Voltage Regulator (IVR) with a solid-state regulator. The original IVR is a bi-metallic strip style regulator and it is horrible at regulating the 5 volts DC. Solid-state IVRs are available as part...
  4. MoparCarGuy

    Modern LED headlights

    I went with Hella H4 7" Headlamp kits and LED bulbs with ceramic adapter receptacles for the extra heat of the LED bulbs. The chart covers all of the other LED bulbs I installed.
  5. MoparCarGuy

    Drumb to Disc Swap

    Link to Disc/Drum Proportioning Valve and Metering Valve
  6. MoparCarGuy

    What's the difference between a factory AC dash and non AC?

    Check out Classic Auto Air for Cuda kits.
  7. MoparCarGuy

    Shaker hood???

    SixPackPerformance.net is another source. I bought my hood from them in 1998.
  8. MoparCarGuy

    Drumb to Disc Swap

    My post has embedded hyperlinks.
  9. MoparCarGuy

    My AAR has a T/A’s engine.

    After my post above, I checked my collection of fender tag photos and found JH23J0B283999 but not JH23J0B283998. Just one VIN later.
  10. MoparCarGuy

    My AAR has a T/A’s engine.

    It may help to contact the T/A Registry ran by Barry Washington. The registry also has a lot of original T/A and AAR owner information from the Special Interest Auto Club (SIAC) which was an early T/A-AAR owner club based in Columbus, Ohio. The club had a newsletter called the "All-American...
  11. MoparCarGuy

    Electric Fuel Pump

    Many people plumb an electric fuel pump in series with the factory mechanical pump but this can be disastrous if the mechanical pump's diaphragm fails. The electric pump can then fill the oil pan with gasoline. One measure to help prevent this is to wire the electric fuel pump so that it only...
  12. MoparCarGuy

    Drumb to Disc Swap

    Read this article on using factory parts to improve your brakes without the headaches of going aftermarket. Next, watch every E-body video you can here. A killer factory setup is to go with a Bendix E-body power brake booster, a 3461187 master cylinder, factory 11.75" front rotors (most call...
  13. MoparCarGuy

    WTB Wanted

    Yes, the valve cover comparisons are here: 340-4 versus 340-6 Valve Covers
  14. MoparCarGuy

    FOR SALE 2013 Challenger R/T Classic Plum Crazy

    I own a 2010 Challenger R/T Classic in PCP. Is the OP's car missing its R/T stripes, a stripe delete, or did 2013 R/T Classics not have the 1971-style longitudinal stripes? Far lane and low-13's.
  15. MoparCarGuy

    Can anyone identify these brackets?

    Yes, they are rear valence reinforcement brackets. The factory service manual shows them under "Stone Deflector" in Chapter 23 Body and Frame. Discontinued in first few months of production.
  16. MoparCarGuy

    How can you tell the difference between K Frames

    Good reference with pics.
  17. MoparCarGuy

    Going to Polyglas tires…should I?

    275/60R15 rear and 245/60R15 front.
  18. MoparCarGuy

    Going to Polyglas tires…should I?

    I have ran the BFGs on Rallye 15x7s front/15x8s rear and currently run the Polyglas F60s on steelies. I preferred the radials for driving and the bias ply for show as most everyone agrees. My next tires are going to be either the retro Firestone radials (OMG $399 each!) or Mickey Thompsons on my...
  19. MoparCarGuy

    gear vendors or 518?

    Can you provide any source for the "can't use it under 30Mph" and "You can fry them" statements? The GV is practically indestructible and lugging it at 30mph in OD should not damage the GV unit. OD and slow speeds would more likely cause your engine to stall if you did not make enough horsepower...
  20. MoparCarGuy