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  1. Woodruff Carbs

    Challenger Rallye Carb Resto

    Restoration shop in Hubbard picked up a 20k mile Rallye car. 340/auto, petty blue. I got the job restoring the Thermoquad.
  2. Woodruff Carbs

    Six pack Resto

    Going on a customers 71 CUDA.
  3. Woodruff Carbs

    AVS Resto

    Shipping this honey out today.
  4. Woodruff Carbs

    A little bit of what we do.

    We offer mild to wild. This 750 will live on top of a small block in the unlimited class.
  5. Woodruff Carbs

    Hello, From Woodruff Carburetor Specialties

    We are a full service carb shop in Youngstown Ohio. Owned and operated by a lifelong Mopar enthusiast and longtime drag racer, we are proud to offer services of Performance, Restoration, and Rebuild in Auto, Marine, and Industrial. We are also having great success with E85 conversions. We are...
  6. Woodruff Carbs

    FOR SALE 71 Thermoquad 4973

    Restored and test run. Does not have the choke plate, shaft or little linkage rod. I will put a new style shaft and plate in for you stock and super stock guys to pass tech. $600 plus the ride from 44515 thanks