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    Best place to get a 440 crate motor?

    Looking to install a new 440 crate motor. I heard a lot of horror stories, so I looking for someone who has had a good experience with a crate motor.
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    Dumb question on timing

    I recently changed the timing on the challenger (440, late model engine with large cam). It was set at 17* initial and all in at 38*. It ran rich and a little rough. I now set the timing at 13* and all in at 34*. The car runs much better but I am maxed out on the distributer curve. My problem...
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    Bipass alt question

    I'm doing the alt bypass this weekend. I read up on lots of posts and got great advice here on wire. From the posts some people leave the old alt wire going to the ammeter and add another wire to starter relay and some remove the ammeter wire. I just want to bypass wire and leave the original...
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    Where can I buy 8 gauge wire?

    So I'm doing an alternator bypass. I have gone to every autoparts store here and there either out or don't have anything over 10 gauge. Where can I buy or order online 8 gauge wire and a 10 gauge fusible link to go with it? Already tried rock auto, auto zone, pep boys, summit racing. I only...
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    WTB Gear vender unit.

    Looking for a good used gear vender overdrive unit and the shorter drive shaft. If you have one that you removed let me know. Thanks
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    Tile lettering

    Just wanted to see what everyone thought about those stick on tire lettering. I have 17" rims and a low profile tire (all black) and thought white lettering would spruce it up. Some thing like a race tire where the lettering was large and rolled over a little.
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    WTB Wanted cold door for shaker

    Looking for the cold doors for a shaker. The v one that bolts to the underside of the shaker itself. Maybe even the cable. dosent need to be oem.
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    Custom Dodge sticker

    I made a custom front spoiler (like the TA type) and I would like to get a Dodge sticker for it. Does anyone know who makes custom stickers letters? I would just use the 1977 truck tailgate sticker, but its 4.5" tall and I need 3" tall. Thanks
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    4speed dash reverse light

    So I'm missing the dash reverse light. I would like to add it, but I can't find the electrical connection on the engine side of the bulkhead connector. I did some research and found the bottom left connector (which should have it) has 4 wires. 2 going to the transmission and 1 wire going to fan...
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    Installing new shocks

    I never installed shocks before. I am going to swap out my existing shocks for new QA1 adjustables, is it as easy as swapping them out or is there something difficult about it? Any tips to make it easier? Thanks
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    Big block spark plugs

    I am running champion plugs now In my 440. It's stock with a whiplash cam. I need to change the plugs, are there better plugs out there? What are you big block guys running? Gap ? Thanks
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    Brake booster replacement

    To replace a power brake booster, do I have to drain the brake fluid from the master cylinder? or can it be done by just swapping it with everything in place?
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    Need B body steering wheel adapter (crush can)

    I would like to change out the crush can in my challenger with a b body one. I am trying to get the steering wheel closer to the dash and away from my chest. The e body one on there now is 5 1/4" long. I believe a b body one is around 4" This is for a Tuff wheel
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    Do all A833 4 speeds have that whining noise?

    Had my 70 tranny rebuilt and it makes a whining noise, mostly 1-3 gears. I think these transmissions all make noise but wasnt sure?
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    Trying to increase HP in 440

    I have a 1978 warranty motor in my challenger approx 2000 miles on it. It has stock exhaust manifolds, 906 heads, stock intake and a holley 770 street avenger with vacuum secondaries. I'm trying to increase horsepower without rebuilding motor. Any ideas?
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    Heavy gas pedal

    I have a Holley 770 avenger on my 440. The pedal is very heavy, I have the holley adaptor that bolts onto the carb to align the cable and it helps a little. The cable is fine. Can I just retrofit a longer adaptor to give more leverage and lighten the pedal?
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    Best spark plug wires for 440?

    I need new wires for a 440. What's a good wire and where's a good place to buy it? Thanks
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    looking for a pair of seat belt retractor covers

    looking for a pair of seat belt retractor covers for a 70 challenger. I know they reproduce them but if someone has a used pair let me know. Thanks
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    looking for kill switch

    I'm looking to install a kill switch in my 70 challenger with electronic ignition. Can someone recomend what would work. Thanks
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    RT emblem same on fender and grill?

    Is the grill R/T emblem the same as on the fender, or does it have an angle like the grill challenger emblem? I have an extra fender r/t and was wondering if I could use it on the grill and look right. This is for a 70 challenger