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  1. 440WB

    FREE Barracuda items FREE

    might be time for me to send out a couple sheets that I have E body as well as B body and some fender tags from parts box's over the years...
  2. 440WB

    FREE Barracuda items FREE

    Isn't Barry still at Moparts ? like me J- I did not know about this site until you mentioned it to me perhaps a heads up to him may be in order ...
  3. 440WB

    Factory Dash Pads - Options

    I bought 3 pads from him about the same time period - he did show the blems before I paid - however - not all of them - and the pictures were not the best. Price's I paid was as low as 325 with core sent which had air pockets at the top vents ( something like Katfish has shown above ) as...
  4. 440WB

    FOR SALE 1970 Cuda Hood Hinges

    1970 cuda hood hinges with springs showing original paint this set was removed 24 years ago from a rallye hood selling $215 located N.E. Detroit
  5. 440WB

    FOR SALE 1970 Lower Dash Map Light Strip Bar

    1970 Lower Dash Map Light Strip Bar switch moves up and down was working 24 years ago - can send more pics - selling $475 located N.E. Detroit EMAIL for best and faster response
  6. 440WB

    SOLD 1970 AM 8 Track Push Button Radio

    1970 AM 8 Track Push Button Radio Working in very nice condition - can send pics with info spec sheet from radio repair shop - needs a couple things to be perfect working order - the shop is still in business and can do the repairs if wanted - selling $650 located N.E. Detroit PLEASE EMAIL -...
  7. 440WB

    FOR SALE 1970 plymouth barracuda grand coupe $6850

    Im interested - PM sent
  8. 440WB

    71 Cuda inner fender hinge brace

    what about using the lower A pillar door hinge backing plate? isn't it just about the same plate - with 2 tapped holes?
  9. 440WB

    FOUND 70 CUDA trunk lid

    I have a decent original lid
  10. 440WB

    WTB 6 pac set up for My 340 TA

    thanks for the pic with info - not what I have - mine looks like what you have in the back ground of that picture of the top right corner -
  11. 440WB

    WTB 70 trunk lid for AAR

    I have an original 70 Trunk lid with all the cut outs - send a PM to me with your email for pics -
  12. 440WB

    WTB 6 pac set up for My 340 TA

    how does one tell the difference between the two? can you provide pics - I would like to Identify what I have - thanks
  13. 440WB

    FOR SALE Right Rear Foot Pan

    this is my last piece
  14. 440WB

    FOR SALE Cuda Sheet Metal

    I have a complete lower cut section of the windshield - I also have cut sections of the roof please email me
  15. 440WB

    FOUND Cuda Upper Door/Rear Window Trim

    where are you located I have several sets
  16. 440WB

    WTB 8.75 Center Section 489 Case...Date Specific

    appears to be.....294 the first digit is hard to make out in the casting. gear set is 3.23 - 1971 Email is best
  17. 440WB

    WTB 6 pac set up for My 340 TA

    If it does not work out with topbanna - I have a complete six pack set up from early 70 all matching carbs 3 days apart sitting on aluminum intake with all linkages from a small block If needed I also have the base, new filter, top Original lid is from a B body with a road runner on it.
  18. 440WB

    FOR SALE Rear Shock Plates

    Rear Shock Plates - pair part #1856346 part #1956347 add ship selling $120 without nuts selling $140 with attached nuts N. E. Detroit, mi 48315 please Email
  19. 440WB

    FOR SALE Right Rear Foot Pan

    Right Rear Foot Pan - Original 1970 cuda piece - passenger floor No Rust - undercoating removed - drilled at welds can send pics add ship price selling $135 N.E. Detroit, Mi 48315