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  1. Barnstormer

    Any body know what these are for?

    I'm trying to put my 73 cuda back together and found these two parts in a box that came with the car. I didn't take this car apart and I don't recognize these parts. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Barnstormer

    Vintage air passenger vent

    I'm installing a vintage air a/c system into my car and noticed it doesn't have the passenger side cable operated vent. Is there a solution to this? Has anyone here done anything about that?
  3. Barnstormer

    72 bumper brackets for a 73?

    Will the earlier bumper brackets bolt up to the 73-74 bumpers? Will they pull the bumpers a bit closer to the body like the earlier ones did?
  4. Barnstormer

    Battery cable

    Anybody have a picture of how the positive cable should be routed from the starter on a small block 73 cuda?
  5. Barnstormer

    Brake line routing

    Anyone know the proper routing of the rear brake line?
  6. Barnstormer

    Newbie from Wisconi

    Just found, from the great state of Wisconsin. Putting together my 1973 Cuda and am hoping to find some good data here.