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  1. i_taz

    Gauge limiter...

    Got an update on this and it turns out to have been wishful thinking. It started to wreak havoc with my fuel gauge which was off by as much as a 1/4 tank. They provided a 10 ohm resistor for bench testing that I thought might make it compatible with the sending unit but checking that with a...
  2. i_taz

    RTV on Valve Cover Gaskets

    Can't hurt to use the Ultra Black oil resistant Permatex RTV 82180...
  3. i_taz

    BY passing charging gauge 70 challenger

    Not sure if I'm jumping but I tried this when upgraded to a 100A alt. since the battery feed side of the bulkhead was starting to burn. Theory was that more amps would charge faster lessening heat issues with a slow charge. The opposite has happened. Takes longer to charge and when I turn the...
  4. i_taz

    Major Progress

    When are the Cali authorities coming to haul it away....and you....?!?
  5. i_taz

    1970 Plymouth Cuda - jyrgen

    I just heard Graveyard cars only uses Gabriel shocks so I assume there close to OEM but I haven't...
  6. i_taz


    Measure it....
  7. i_taz

    Manifold vacuum and power brakes

    That's what the left has done to them.... and the rest of us by the looks of things
  8. i_taz

    Gauge limiter...

    Just a tip if your gauges are acting up. I reconnected the temp gauge on a rally dash and it would intermittently swing all the way up and down. Explains why there was an gauge installed under the dash. Since I had the radio out to re-wire the alt. past the bulkhead I threw one of the RT...
  9. i_taz

    Went to as local show, yesterday.....

    My fav 'Cuda color...
  10. i_taz

    I need help

  11. i_taz

    Rallye Light Bars

    Turns out is not even fiberglass just styrofoam but the screws hold. I just don't get the habit of taking it off anymore than necessary.... Any extra material was cut away....
  12. i_taz

    FOR SALE Garage clear out. Gauge bezels, door panels, etc

    What do you think the damage would be to ship the bumper jack...???
  13. i_taz

    1972 Thermoquad - seeping fuel

    Make sure the vent lever on the front pass side is working. Give this guy a call... he's a sponsor on the forbbody site https://www.carburetorrestorationyoungstownoh.com/ This guy does some nice work too. He's the only one I've seen who figured out how to redo the green teflon on the...
  14. i_taz

    Rallye Light Bars

    The ones in the back do most of the work holding it in place. Mine dash is fiberglass and the front screws hold the front edge sufficiently tight enough
  15. i_taz

    What brand of trim ring fits a Mopar Rally rim best?

    One problem I've read about and is the case with a New Yorker I have they don't fit tight up against the rim, so you end up unnecessarily pounding on them and even they have some dents. Back in the day you would use a rubber mallet but wouldn't think of using one today...
  16. i_taz

    What brand of trim ring fits a Mopar Rally rim best?

    My car came with the 3" and have no idea who made them but there brushed and I only noticed after I had them off a couple times that every time I put them back on with the palm of my hand I was denting them.... =(
  17. i_taz

    A01 reprieve

    I've been hoping to get the ignition and switch pnl lights to work off the timer relay. I replaced the one that was missing and have power to the lights but it won't time out unless I unplug the 'left switch' connector. At the same time that provides the power to energize it whether the door is...
  18. i_taz

    Light smoke coming from steering column

    Start at the turn signal switch by trying the turn signals. 4 ways and brake lights....
  19. i_taz

    Small Block 727s and Torque Converters

    I just dropped the valve body and replaced the shifter seal and adjusted the bands for the first time. I was apprehensive at first but there's not a lot to it and it gave me a good excuse to buy a inch pound torque wrench I should have bought a long time ago and the FSM says to use Dexron. If...
  20. i_taz

    73 340 and the Thermoquad

    I had a Edelbrock 1411 that I hated so much just for spite I wanted to see what a TQ would be like and it's much better. Runs more like a factory carb should rather than an aftermarket, if that makes sense. I know of one on a '77 New Yorker and it's never been off the car in all these years even...