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  1. john_wick

    1970 Hotchkis Challenger T/A stolen from Myrtle Beach Florida

    Always wondered what happened to this car guess it was still being used for promos. One of my favorite builds for sure. Hope it shows up.
  2. john_wick

    I'm a sucker for marketing

    Im really looking for the most user friendly set up (ie minimal welding) and quality which brings me to Tti. Correct me if im wrong but i don't believe their bespoke kits use resonators and mount the mufflers in the rear as you describe which is more of an original set up. Wanting more of an...
  3. john_wick

    I'm a sucker for marketing

    Will definitely do some videos. Maybe we can fo a comparison of set ups. I'm leaning toward the tti x pipe as well.
  4. john_wick

    SOLD 1970 Dodge Challenger Drag Car - Not running - Needs Repair

    Auction looking good:cool:
  5. john_wick

    SOLD 1970 Dodge Challenger Drag Car - Not running - Needs Repair

    Hope it goes to a good home. GLWS.
  6. john_wick

    I'm a sucker for marketing

    Been researching mufflers for the last 8 months or so as it is one of the last items on my project checklist. Just picked up these Borla crate mufflers. If you havent' seen the video from several years back, i'll post it below. Now I don't know that my 383 will sound half as good as that 440...
  7. john_wick

    Reupholstered seats

    Not sure what the material is. Seems like some kind of foam with a carpet texture. Might be some kind of marine fabric. Honestly just glad to have the seats back. I had them professionally done. Took 3 months and supposedly shop "lost" my contact info. The seats really were not that bad to...
  8. john_wick

    John WIck!

  9. john_wick

    Reupholstered seats

    Before After
  10. john_wick

    Muffler suggestions

    Curious what you settled on as im in the same position wanting something aggressive for my 383 build. Have you looked at borla?
  11. john_wick

    FOR SALE '73 340 Challenger Rallye Project Car

    Sorry if i missed it but where is the project located?
  12. john_wick

    To the President of Classic Industries

    I like your optimism. And i stand fully corrected as CI has actually replied to your plea. And I prefer " Mr Wick". Here for your reprisal if required.
  13. john_wick

    To the President of Classic Industries

    Highly doubt "prez" is on this forum. Probably can return item and repurchase elsewhere.
  14. john_wick

    Coming in for the Ride😊

    Clean build i dig it. Thanks for sharing and welcome!
  15. john_wick

    Radiator confusion (help)

    I ordered a different kit all together than my original plan. It is aluminum which leads me to my next question. How do you recommend isolating it? Rubber washers?
  16. john_wick

    ISO oem/oem replacement seat brackets

    I have stock bucket seats but no mounting hardware. Can someone please provide part numbers or a source where to get brackets that work with the oem seats? I have the holy bible part book from CI but I'm not sure what I need to get these babies in the car. Thanks in advance.
  17. john_wick

    70 Challenger update.

    Love the color
  18. john_wick

    Radiator confusion (help)

    Forgive my ignorance on this topic - I've tried researching. About to pull a trigger on a radiator but a little confused on which specification. Just a little info about my project: 1970 Challanger 727 auto with a 383 big block. I've read countless threads about what kind of radiator and...
  19. john_wick

    Delilah is finally we’re I want her.

    Love the color combo. Share a video of a cold start so we can hear her purrrrrr 🤗