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  1. Cratos

    How fat of a tire will fit

    15x8 front 15x10 rear.
  2. Cratos

    Roller rocker reconditions.

    thank you for the info.
  3. Cratos

    Roller rocker reconditions.

    I am thinking about switching to roller rockers since the ones in my motor at 50+ years old. back in the day I used crane rockers on my blower motor and was very happy with them. I see all kinds of different rockers out there now. what are the ones to stay away from and who make good affordable...
  4. Cratos

    Pinging at low total timing advance

    I got tired of all the crappie fuel (only run Non eth) so i stared adding vp octane booster. 1.5 oz to 5 gall no more pinging i can only get 89 NE fuel around here so I had to do something!!
  5. Cratos


    maybe they'll judge it this time. Never saw judge 1 last time.
  6. Cratos

    High Charging Voltage

    try a ground direct from the reg to the block I daisy chained reg ecu to block just to make sure
  7. Cratos

    High Charging Voltage

    be sure you have a good ground to the block from the fire wall. grounds are always a problem.
  8. Cratos

    Advantage to move springs in?

    Thank you 15 x 10 keystones Klassics. and superstock springs ( I like the old school rake look) with 1 inch off set hanger kit
  9. Cratos

    a body rear in a ebody?

    Iput an a-body in my 70 with 1 inch spring relocation kit and 295-50-15's fit with room to spare.
  10. Cratos

    Advantage to move springs in?

    I put an A-body 8-3/4 and one inch offset spring hangers on mine and 295-50-15's on 15 x 10 keystones fit right on with room to spare.
  11. Cratos

    Wheel tub Tire clearance

    is anyone running Nitto 325-50-15's on a 70 challenger? i am running MT 295-50 15's now on 15x10 keystones. and wondering if the Nitto's will fit already moved springs inward 1 inch and have an A-body 8-3/4 in it . looking at tire spec's it should fit but everyone's tire spec's never match up.
  12. Cratos

    383 Six pack- carb choices

    I got my sixpack setup through Mancine very happy with it.
  13. Cratos

    Borgenson power steering conversion. Who has it?

    sector shaft size for the pitman arm. box part # was correct for 1-1/8 but it had a 1-1/4 so I am stuck in till the right one gets here.
  14. Cratos

    Borgenson power steering conversion. Who has it?

    be sure to check the shaft size before you start. mine was boxed wrong. Weighting on correct one now.
  15. Cratos

    Borgenson power steering conversion. Who has it?

    what size are the mounting holes? on the borg unit? factory one on my 70 Challenger are .550
  16. Cratos

    Looking for recommendations on a Electric Fuel Pump for a big cube Hemi HP

    Aeromotive tank kit with 340 liter pump
  17. Cratos

    roller rockers for big block

  18. Cratos

    roller rockers for big block

    are prw's made in China? are they what you are running?
  19. Cratos

    roller rockers for big block

    anyone know anything about Deepmotor Type: Rocker Arm Set Manufacturer Part Number: DM-SS44015
  20. Cratos

    SOLD BRAND NEW Crane Cams Rocker Arms w/adjusters

    1.5 or 1.6 do you have 383 push rods to go with them?