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  1. moparleo

    Engine issues carb leaking into engine

    15.. Congrats. Good for you. A lot to learn but lots of time to do it. My point is that the more info available, the more complete the story, The less assumptions and guessing get done and more things can be learned. Total cfm flow really doesn't matter in most cases as most people are not...
  2. moparleo

    Transmission - Radiator - Pink Goo and my feeling of Dread

    Just like flushing a radiator. Hook the intake line to a large container of fluid and the radiator/cooler line to a large empty container. Start and leave in neutral. It will pump in fresh fluid and pump out the old fluid into a draining container. Do it until clean fluid is coming out. Just...
  3. moparleo

    arm rest in door panel

    MyMopar Products | MMC Detroit
  4. moparleo

    Engine issues carb leaking into engine

    You seem to know more about his plans than we do. An aftermarket Holley double pump was not the factory carb. Jetting ? Power valve size ? Double pump for the street ? Why ? Not to get anybody mad but it sounds like rookie, magazine article add ons. So unlike the Thermo-quad which the engine was...
  5. moparleo

    arm rest in door panel

    Too late for this now but " Bag, Tag AND take lots of pictures. Just missed the last part. How long ago was this car taken apart ? Have you gotten a reassembly manual yet or just going part by part...?
  6. moparleo

    Newbie at restoration - Where do I start with this project - I have parts everywhere ! interior ? exterior ?

    Are you also sure that he has the correct parts for this application. It can be dangerous to assume things. That why you inventory what you have. Part of that is verifying that the parts are correct not just new. Unboxed new parts can be damaged . I am not you and you are not me or anyone else...
  7. moparleo

    Engine issues carb leaking into engine

    850 double pumper on a stock street motor is overkill. Too much Carb. Replace it with the proper type and size. Your carb problems will all go away and it will run much better. Is the carb/manifold hot when it is doing this ? Was this setup on the car when you got it or are these your mods ...
  8. moparleo

    Rear Vinyl Trim 73 Challenger

    Are you talking about the s/s trim on the outside of the top ? Vinyl top ?
  9. moparleo

    Newbie at restoration - Where do I start with this project - I have parts everywhere ! interior ? exterior ?

    If you know what you have, have done it before, and have everything organized. He is far from that point. Go back and read the beginning. Reassembling something that you got in just boxes and don't really know what you have is not just a matter of "just start at the rear and..." lets be real...
  10. moparleo

    Newbie at restoration - Where do I start with this project - I have parts everywhere ! interior ? exterior ?

    Don't make the pile of parts bigger than it is already. ORGANIZE !!! Be realistic in your skills and time. Have the proper tools. CLEAN,CLEAN,CLEAN. Make sure that you have a large, clean work area that will be in use for a long lime. Buddy up with someone or someplace that has done this type of...
  11. moparleo

    FOR SALE Rear window defroster and speaker assembly - $450

    Just part of the sites selling rules. FEBO classified rules
  12. moparleo

    FOR SALE Rear window defroster and speaker assembly - $450

    Does the price include shipping ?? Where is the part located ?
  13. moparleo


    When the car is idling, do you get the fumes inside the car ,windows closed ? Standing outside, where does it seem to come from ? the exhaust, under the hood, under the car ?? More details will help. New problem ?
  14. moparleo

    Battery cables

    Electrical is most critical. Just get the correct, quality cables. Once and done. Quality once is less expensive than cheap 2-3 times.
  15. moparleo

    Alignment specs

    I am still amazed...Does anyone have their Factory Service Manual ? The factory alignment specs, ride height, factory tire/wheel size etc... is in it. Just just have to look it up. The alignment will not completely change the "feel" of your front end unless something was drastically wrong with...
  16. moparleo

    Hood holes dimensions/location for 70 -74 Challenger engine callout emblems

    Things didn't always make sense back then. I would get the emblems that you are going to mount and take some measurements on them before I would drill any holes.
  17. moparleo

    What are these dimples lower windshield area

    Can you back off on the picture ? It is too close to really see the whole area. Here is some pictures from another Mopar site. You should put them in your Mopar file as well. E-Body Hole Locations (Firewall, Door, Interior, ect) in Reference Material
  18. moparleo

    Oil filter

    If you are interested in just saving $$$ Should have just bought a Chevy.... My engine is worth whatever it costs not whatever is cheapest.
  19. moparleo

    Challenger exhaust tips

    I read somewhere a long time ago that the spec is 1" .
  20. moparleo

    General parts

    Where have you been ??? Long time.