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My 72 Challenger

  • I'll try to keep up to date here. hope someone else besides myself enjoys.
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  1. Clueless72
    and i decided to goto the dark side. getting an ls3 swap w a 6 spd in this car soon. needs some seats too and tach, w some new rims n tires, etc... so we'll see what i decided on and update w some pictures when i get the car back from the shop. and yes i am not even handy enough to do it myself :p i paid someone else to "ruin" my challenger :D threw a momo steering wheel on it, did power windows. have some halo lights in the front and leds for the back. bought an sniper efi for it and th tank but i guess we wont be needing that so i'll have to sell it sooner or later. anyone wants one i'll make ya a deal and i haven't touched it.
  2. Clueless72
    got some coilovers and control arms up front some lowering leaf springs, did a relocation setup in the back, and vikings all around.
  3. Clueless72