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  • IMG_1988.JPG A few pics to share
    really happy with hydro boost on the wildwood disc brakes
    highly recommend
    IMG_2386.JPG IMG_2387.JPG IMG_2388.JPG IMG_2391.JPG IMG_2392.JPG
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  1. Jerry Foust
    I like it !!
  2. Lime Lite 70
    That's a nice challenger! The guy that is painting my Cuda is picking up a V code Blue Challenger on Wed and a lot of NOS parts thrown is on the deal. He got a good it for 21K it has one rust spot behind the right door on the front of the rear quarter about the size of a dime. A real solid number matching car.
  3. Knock Out
    thank you
    been a dream for a long time
  4. 704406
    Thats a sharp looking Challenger!
  5. 340challconvert