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70-71 Cuda Convertible Rear Panels vs Challenger what is your need ?

Interior / Trim

Cuda or Challenger or Both ??

  1. Cuda Black

  2. Cuda White

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  3. Cuda Colored

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  4. Challenger Black

  5. Challenger White

  6. Challenger Colored

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  1. rosevillemoparts

    rosevillemoparts Active Member

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    Jul 23, 2010
    After some lengthy conversations this week and in prior months. Rosevillemoparts has sent off a request for an updated tooling pricing and run production to have these made. We would be looking at doing the Cuda vert rear panels first. First run would consist of black and whites only although I polled for colors also. comment your color needs. Then Challenger rears should follow.

    I would like to get a quick gauge from members of there needs. ***This is not 100% carved in stone yet*** I just opened up lines of communication from the same vendor that has made our kick panels which is the same vendor that has made the "metro" door panels.
    I do NOT know costs or sell price yet as speculation of that would be misleading.

    if you are in the market for these. Please EMAIL me directly so I can generate a want list as it is difficult for me to track forums as with face book. IF you have a forum favorite please share to get the word out.

    Email me at dradcliffe@mikeriehls.com

    thank you and stay tuned