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External oil pickup questions

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  1. bullet18

    bullet18 Well-Known Member

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    Jan 4, 2017
    Im going to a external oil pickup because im sick off bending the stock ones when i take them out plus im pretty sure my crank will hit it anyway. Is the plug on the back of the oil pump cover for an external pickup or do i need a different cover?
  2. dolphin3111

    dolphin3111 Member

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    Sep 1, 2017
    West Virginia
    That is not a plug. It's a cover for the oil pump's internal pressure regulator. There is a spring and a plunger underneath. When you buy the Milodon external pickup kit (without pump), it will have the necessary adapters to connect the suction line(s) to your pump.

    I would use the Melling M-63HV pump. It has 25% more volume and hook the Milodon line kit up to it. This Melling pump looks the sames as OEM except it's a little thicker (longer rotors).

    FYI, Milodon makes an externally adjustable pressure regulator for the OEM or Melling oil pump that works really nice to keep from over-pressuring at high rpm.

    Milodon Chrysler Oil Oil Pressure Regulator.jpg