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FOR SALE: 1952 Dodge Wayfarer Sporster Two Door "Business Coupe"

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May 2, 2011
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Okay, so this car has a bit of history to it. What we have here is a 1952 Dodge Wayfarer Roadster or better known as the “Business Coupe”, flathead six with three on the tree Gyro-matic semi-automatic transmission which translates into it being both a manual transmission as well as an automatic. This is the last year of this line that ran from 1949 to 1952 with the roadster being the most highly sought after.

I am the third owner of this car since 1952. The first owner was a judge that lived near the original dealership that sold him this car. Approximately two years later, he returned to the dealership to trade up to a newer model.

Enter the father of the person I purchased the car from. The gentlemen I purchased the car from “Bruce”, said his father purchased the car in excellent used condition from the original dealership in 1954. Bruce’s father drove the car for several years as did his mother. During their years, his mother tapped a pole on the passenger’s side door which was repaired to 1950’s something repair technology. Bruce’s father then handed the car onto Bruce who drove the car for many, many years only retiring it approximately two years ago in Connecticut. He assured me that the car had only been driven during summer months and I believe him upon my inspection of the undercarriage. During the years that Bruce owned the car; he also lent it to his son while his son attended college in California, and so the car has been up and down the PCH many times.

Until two years ago, the car ran well but then was parked as Bruce and his wife were relocated to the west coast and left the car behind with a friend. Bruce was bittersweet on selling the car but arrived at a conclusion that it needed to be given a good new home, this is where I come in.

I purchased the car a couple of months ago with the thought of hot rodding it but I can’t bring myself to cut up this almost all original car for a hot rod, it’s just too nice and complete and with the history, the car needs to be restored not modified (at least by me).

It will come with a clear title, original hubcaps, beauty rings, jack and a couple of boxes of spare parts. It still has bias ply tires on it. Even comes with the original full size spare tire and no, the spare tire well in the trunk HAS NOT been repaired, it is still original to the car.

The cabin floor has been repaired by Bruce’s father who was a machinist so expect to see aircraft paint above and below the car. The trunk extensions have also been patched by his father as well and yes there are a few dents that will need to be bumped back out (a branch fell on the driver’s door and dented the door as well as a small dent in the A-pillar roof, but other than that, the car is in really great shape for its age. I don’t think you’ll find a cleaner or finer example considering this car is 64 years old. You will need to replace the laminated glass windows as some are cracked and some are fogged but it is easily done as all of the glass are flat panels.

After reading Hagerty’s rating system, this car would fit into the good category with a resale estimate of $7,100, I am asking $5,900 obo.

Please send me a PM with interest.
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