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in need of 72 challenger rally instrument plastic bezel

Interior / Trim

  1. purplehayes

    purplehayes Member

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    Oct 16, 2014
    Hello fellow e-bodie enthusiasts, I have a 72 challenger and i am in need of a rally dash instrument cluster plastic bezel, it is the molded plastic piece that goes between the instrument gauges and the flat piece of plastic that the wood grain sticker goes on. I think Im saying it correct. I think its called the bezel . any help would be appreciated , I have attached a photo of what I am in need of 20180311_142225 (1).jpg
    Thank you
  2. tonysrt

    tonysrt Well-Known Member

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    Mar 12, 2017
    All those pieces can be bought brand new. The wood grain and the plastic bezel lens. It's a little pricey but new looks good. There are several people that sell them, Year one, Classic Industries, B/E and many others. Used ones will be cloudy and brittle since there some 40 plus years old.