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New way to control the fan for your HVAC system


May 18, 2019
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Fenton, MO
My Blower switch disintegrated recently after I rebuilt my HVAC box when I went to reinstall the connector to the switch. When I went to find one, I was dismayed to see the price of that switch. I saw some asking as much as $290 for that switch alone. My project is a Resto-Mod, so I wasn't worried so much about being stock as being functional. To solve the problem, I got a little creative. I found a Pulse Width Modulated DC power supply/dc motor controller on Amazon for about $15. So now I have infinitely variable speed control on my blower motor and simplified the wiring by removing the resistors from the HVAC box. I wanted to use the existing blower switch location so there wasn't an open hole where the original switch was, so I then found a lighted Slide potentiometer on NEWARK for about $3. I wired the speed controller direct to the Blower motor and the slide switch I installed in place of the old blower motor switch on the HVAC control panel. It works like a champ and with the LED on the tip of the switch I'm one step closer to a more modern looking dash. My sincere apologies to all the purest out there. The LED runs off of 2.5V so I looked to Amazon again for the solution. The LED is very bright at the moment because it is running off a 3V battery for the photo. The fuse box is from Painless Wiring. The previous owner removed the OEM harness and fuse box and this came along with the car.
I'm waiting for the adjustable Power Supply to arrive from Amazon. For about $3. I purchased a DC converter that is infinitely adjustable from 0.8V to 12V. The LED optimum voltage is 2.1V, so I will be able to dim the LED to some degree. My car is green, so I went with Green accent lighting. The potentiometer switch comes in red, orange, green, amber and white so you can match the color to your car, if you so desire. Enjoy