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FOR SALE Restored Seat Belts

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  1. John Rimel

    John Rimel Well-Known Member

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    May 3, 2016
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    Restored 1971-1974 E Body seat belt set, new webbing, all hardware restored, all necessary hardware to completely install your seat belts. Date tags and NOS webbing is available at an additional charge.

    $450.00 for a basic set. A basic set consists of belts for bucket seats or bench, shoulder belts, rear bench. When the factory didn't provide them a third lap belt set or shoulder belts for the rear bench is available for an extra charge. Hardware such as bolts, mounting plates, date tags etc. are extra. A basic set will have some flaws in the hardware. No core charge is required however there may be a core charge for 71 E body retractors

    $650.00 for a show quality set. This set includes everything needed to install in your car. It will include all necessary belts, hardware and date tags. A $150 core charge is required. $250 core charge for 1971 E body. The core charge is paid up front.. If you have a core set it must be complete with no substitute with other models and totally free of pits in the chrome and corrosion. Core sets must include bolts. Condition of the webbing is not an issue

    Picture depicts a complete E body Seat Belt set and webbing sample. Includes shipping.

    If interested send me a PM