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Just noticed you are in amarillo
we stayed there on a trip 2 years ago
loved it
575 pizza = the best pizza ever
575 pizza is pretty tasty for sure!
I'm computer illiterate but can someone explain what is FC7 followed by 9999, also has Y39 on fender tag on my 70 Challenger mean, thanks,
My 512 is good to go
On a water pump housing, with a passenger side radiator inlet, the heater input is connected to what side?
Hi 72 blue 400,
Can you PM me your address and I will mail you a money order for $125.00 with my ship to address.


GTX 440
I haven't got too much further on this but I would be interested in seeing what you've got for drip rails. Driver side is worst on mine so it might work out. Can you send pics to gzrpa2000@gmail.com.
money pit
It may take a few days. I have to get them out of storage.
Hello moparleo,
The picture you sent of the interior has a more rounded rear window frame and uses clips to hold the headliner bows, do you have any pictures that show a straighter rear window structure and headliner bows that the bows push into holes (one of three) in the steel structure?
Hello... I saw an old post of yours where your clutch pedal was not returning all the way. what was your resolution. I am having the same issue now.
Challenger RTA
Challenger RTA
I had to dissemble the cradle clean,lightly grease.no gobs of grease. spun pin around.That was perty much the problem.refer to the post for pictures and details.

Clutch Pedal Return Spring Noise​

Thanks much!
440-200 is the part number for the TTI headers that work with the quick ratio pitman arm.
Good news I have been approved for 10.5 I'm going to see how much I have in the bank tomorrow,will get ahold of u tomorrow
I read one of your posts on May 8 and you said you ordered from Mopar Plus, have you received it yet? And if so what do you think? Wanting to order seat covers for my 73, but cant find any reviews on them....let me know Thanks, Ray
So happy to have the Ole Cuda back on the road. The wife has finally stopped referring to it as the POS. She caught the bug after finally taking a long cruise in it. Time to focus on the AC system.
Cuda Hunter, sorry my previous message was so short; the 420 character limit was killing me. Happy to answer any questions you may have. My cell is (703) 762-6626 if you want to talk/text. Thank you! Jason
Hi there we are interested with some parts,we are in Ontario,can you text me your number so we can chat,416 728 2420 or send me your number,

I did some number crunching and could do $130.00 USD. That includes the tach, tracked shipping and Paypal fee. I'm pretty sure Paypal doesn't collect sales tax either. I know I'm new here and you might be skeptical but I've been on Cuda-Challenger (Jaybee) since 2006 and e-bodies.org (Jay Bee) since 2017. You can PM me here or use my email address: jayrjbee@yahoo.com

John, I'll send you an email. Thanks, Gary