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  1. sixpackman
  2. Curator
    1970 'Cuda - 340 A/T
  3. im Carson
    im Carson
    72 challenger rally 383 6-pac 4-speed, yellow ,black vinyl top
  4. Echthemi
  5. mpdlawdog
    mpdlawdog Moparparts
    Is the trim you have the two that go on the interior under the rear window? If so, how much...I think I ordered some parts from you in the past..70 challenger tail lights and what not...thanks!
  6. Dodgeboy
    74 Challenger, 383/727, 4.30 gears. Got the car in '96, without powertrain. Was 318 2bbl and now lives a faster life.
  7. chrisnben
    home of Mopar University- we school 'em one at a time!
  8. sdweatherman
    sdweatherman incautiious
    mysticwarrior - you still around on this forum?
  9. Tom Berkebile
    Tom Berkebile
    New member 6/17
  10. Deepsubject
  11. ebodykwv
    ebodykwv DetMatt1
    looking for someone in the detroit area to install a hotchkis tvs in my 73 challenger anyone that you could recomend,ken toledo ohio
  12. Mopar Johnny
    Mopar Johnny 76orangewagon
    Hello 76orangewagon! I was wondering if possibly you have the 15' x 7" 1970 AAR Cuda rims still for sale?
    Please let me know. Thanks, Mopar Johnny
  13. David B
    David B
    Completed for the summer but will start again in November 17
  14. Gerry
    New member,restoring my 70 Cuda,owned since 73.Couple more months to go hopefully looking for a couple 15x12 centerlines
  15. 1969VADart
    1969VADart challenger6pak
    Tried starting a conversation (PM) but it said your inbox was full. You mentioned that you have a tail panel for a 72 Challenger.
  16. dch21
    dch21 70gtx440dana
    Wanting to know if you still have that 4737s carb you posted about? Don
  17. richy rich
    richy rich
    70 Hemi Cuda,3 pedals and a Dana...
  18. JEJJ
    JEJJ rutro
    Lot of power window switches, connectors/harness and mounting frames. As seen in the pictures some are for parts only. If interested I can take more pictures and discuss condition. I have not tested these. $275
    I would like to know what shipping would be to ny 14225?
    Also, how badly pitted are the switches?
    Are any of the wires repaired or needing repair?
    Thank you
  19. ldr
    ldr mopar jeff
    are you still in need of convert interior panels? have 2 very excellent pair ,one pair power window the other manuel crank, both in black call 304 797 0607 mike
  20. andben
    andben LeoD
    Hi, got the Challenger still for sale?