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  1. Cnote
  2. rumblefish360
    Working on the 6 pack
  3. Ragtex1962
    Ragtex1962 Cuda Hunter
    Hey Buddy, any consideration to purchase the 73 Cuda I have sitting in my driveway?
  4. Ragtex1962
    Ragtex1962 Markh
    HI there....can you please explain what you don't like or disagree with about this 1973 Blue Cuda? thanks!
  5. RYO5566
    A Japanese who has restored 70 Challengers in a Japanese garage! I'm still immature, but thank you!
  6. shoot1
    72 Challenger rust bucket
  7. Big AL
    Big AL quapman
    Hello just got your message and yes Please put me on your list for long walnut pistol grip shifter
    for my 70 Challenger RT Automatic Trans..... Thank you in Advance.
  8. volunteer
    Days shorter and nights cooler. Only 8 more days of insurance - until next April. (sigh). Have a good and safe Holiday season, everyone.
  9. Greg R oddo
    Greg R oddo Paul D.
    Have any pic
  10. JEJJ
    JEJJ BS27R1B
    Hi Rick,
    Check the guy selling the 71 440-6 Cuda.....he just bought that 1 year ago.....actually about 10 months ago. Maybe he just needs the money, but maybe there is more to it......just a heads up!

  11. Idi
    Idi quapman

    Just read your message then here am.

  12. 7T2FISH
    Parts, Time and Tools I can't seem to find where I put any of them.
  13. ron friedrich
    ron friedrich
    reborn mopar addict!
  14. R&R racing
    R&R racing Cratos
    HI! as far as i know rear glass for 1970-74 cuda & challenger are hard to find and you may have one for a Ply. Cuda which is smaller.
  15. Lyle Allamon
    Lyle Allamon
    1974 Dodge Challenger Rallye. AT, 360, eggshell white.
  16. aar2244
    aar2244 mcmopar1974
    Do you still have the heads for sale?
  17. chargerz
    God has a purpose for each one of us ..
  18. moparmadd077
    moparmadd077 hpjunke
    hey there I got some questions on your 6.1 hemi swap. I'm just getting going again on my 6.1 hemi 4 spd swap in my 70 cuda. I got some steering box and header questions. do you have fb messanger? it would be quicker then here.
  19. Bobby Hawkins
    Bobby Hawkins
    Anyone know where to find window louvers / Cuda??
  20. douglas17
    douglas17 bobgarrison43
    PM stands for private message. used when someone is very interested in your car.
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