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  1. paharamia
    Currently restoring my A66 Challenger convertible as a nice driver car.
  2. 71droptop
    71droptop rbbruno3
    Hello- Am looking for Challenger doors . Anything clean
    Have 71 Challenger. Looking for Rear finish panel w good reflectors.
    Thanks in Advance
  3. Martin
    Up to my eyeballs in rust now
  4. BAD
    BAD DetMatt1
    I am looking for the transition moldings that attach to the top of the inner pillar post moldings on a 1970 Cuda Convertible. They curve around the upper corners of the inside of the windshield across the top of the sun visors.
    I'm not sure what they are called, so I'm not sure what to search for. Thanks in advance for any information you can give.
  5. Mad Cuda
    Mad Cuda DetMatt1
    Looking for information on changing out the backup light switch on a manual tranny. When I unscrewed the old switch out, fluid started pouring out. Is this normal? Do I need to drain the tranny first? Did prior owner overfilled it? Puzzled Thanks
  6. 70droptop
  7. doubleyellow
    doubleyellow bc3j
    Hi bc3j, any chance you can send pix of your car from different angles so I can see how the wheels/tires look? Stock suspension or any mods you have? thanks very much
    1. bc3j
      Let me see what I can do. The car is covered in the garage so the angles will be tuff. We got a lot of snow on the ground here. My suspension is stock. The front is barely lowered. I measure 25" at the front fender lip. I'll try to get some pix in the garage.
      Dec 30, 2017
  8. 74 challenger
    74 challenger Moparparts
    Don have a great xmas Dave
    1. Moparparts
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you as well and as always we appreciate your business and kind words
      Dec 25, 2017
  9. 74 challenger
    74 challenger moparleo
    Leo have a great xmas hope all is well. Dave
  10. 74 challenger
    74 challenger DetMatt1
    Hey Matt hope you have a great xmas
  11. bigals1972
  12. Martin
    Neck deep in rust
  13. bigals1972
    I am looking for a complete bench rear seat for 1972 Challenger. Can anyone help me find one?
  14. hvacdr
    72 cuda 360 magmum a-500 overdrive
  15. 1Cudaracer
    Trouble loading pics.
  16. Gene chiodo
    Gene chiodo
    Ask Gene engine builder have nice one for sale 1/2 price
  17. Blue & white cuda
    Blue & white cuda
    Now it’s a curious yellow , 440+6pk 727 w/3:55 year one rally wheels. I put luovers on fenders. Seats in good condition
  18. Blue & white cuda
    Blue & white cuda
    Ive working on my car for a while . I found this 1971 Plymouth gran coupe barracuda 318 in west Beverly ,western Ave and 95th street.
  19. Blue & white cuda
    Blue & white cuda
    IMG_3137.JPG, IMG_0057.JPG
  20. Blue & white cuda
    Blue & white cuda
    When I get all my info on the engine (318) / trans and rear end housing (71,72,73 b-body) will post it soon