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  1. big john
  2. Car Guy
  3. 1970 R/T
    1970 R/T mmissile
    Hi Missile! I lived in Detroit in '78 when I sold my '70 Challenger R/T. I used to cruise Gratiot back then! I've been looking to buy that car back but can't find it. JS23N0B223928 Unfortunately it had been converted to look like a '73 (I know)! See picture. Do you recall seeing that car around town? Any leads would be appreciated. jtwink@knology.net 727 515-4442 Thanks!
  4. 1970 R/T
    1970 R/T DetMatt1
    I lived in Detroit in '78 when I sold my '70 Challenger R/T. It was dressed like a '73 with a 440 4speed back then. JS23N0B223928. I want to find it and restore it back to factory. Do you recall seeing a car like that? Any help would be appreciated! Joe
  5. DWoody
    DWoody Drivun
    Noticed you were from Atlanta and interested in finding a car.
  6. CudaChick1968
    I'm a site Sponsor on FABO, FBBO & FCBO. Don't hesitate to ask about your FEBO Discount!
  7. Big AL
    Big AL quapman
    Any updates on the Pistol Grip shifters ?
  8. Yu8mydust
    Yu8mydust Cuda Hunter
    I remember you having an interest in M46 cars on a previous thread, there is one on Ebay currently. I think I'm fairly knowledgeable with Mopar but I've never heard of this option until I saw that thread
  9. G man
    G man JaxCuda70
    Max cud a. I am very interested in the headers you have for sale. Call or txt my cell 609 462 7190. Thanks
  10. Greg Kilmer
    Greg Kilmer
    i think it looks good the way it is. What size rim and Tire combo on the back and front? Thanks for the Info.
  11. 65 cuda
    65 cuda SFEbody
    pistol grip shifter
  12. Matt M
    Matt M SFEbody
    Is you Challenger a real U Code 440 4Speed Car
    Real FC7 and White?

  13. JaxCuda70
    JaxCuda70 Greg Kilmer
    As far as I know, the guy I had purchased from had new springs and a DTS 3:54 new rear installed. It seems to sit up a little higher than I personally like in the rear so he could have beefed the stock ones up.....I will pull the paper he gave me on the car and see if it tells anything about what he purchased and let you know if I find anything.
  14. JaxCuda70
    JaxCuda70 robert power
    looking great!
  15. robert power
    robert power djais1801
    not sure if you saw my post but i have a house on ocean ave hope to see your cars this spring .that challenger looks great.
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    2. djais1801
      I did...let’s def work on meeting up this spring
      Feb 16, 2020
  16. 340challconvert
    Started up the A66 Challenger Registry in order to gather pertinent information and data on these unique, one year only Challengers.
  17. 44070dart
    44070dart SFEbody
    what are you asking if the other guy passes
  18. MAC
    MAC BritishRay
    British ray my post box is empty now if you need to speak with me....thanks
  19. 71droptop
    71droptop Rebecca Harvey
    Hi there- sorry to hear about your problem. I have a 72 340 block taking up space in my garage.
    I recently miked up the bores and they are all same. Got this block from a friend no longer with us.
    Don't know the history but if you are within driving range of 10954 it's yours for $100
  20. Ernies