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  1. DocCuda
    Future AAR owner.
  2. jjklongisland
    jjklongisland 72brcda
    Hey look who it is!... lol
  3. bogusmachine1
    bogusmachine1 mattymopar
    Do you still have the 3 speed trans? What was it out of?
  4. 440wedge
    1973 Dodge Challenger
  5. Bob’s Cuda
    Bob’s Cuda moparleo
    Hi Leo,I need both of hinges rebuilt on a 70 Cuda
    How much is it?
    Where do I send them to?
  6. ldr
    ldr RR70
    how much for am 8 track and does it work ? does it have eject stem? does it have the correct 2 bolts in the bottom? and finally do you have the dash piece for the am 8 track?
  7. Moparply
    Moparply Cudafor36
    Do you still have the spare tire?
    TMEFASC. New to this site.
  10. Dutch 165
    Dutch 165
    Restoring mopars is my main hobby.
  11. Breeze
    Breeze 74 challenger
    need some help I was changing out a door handle on my 72 challenger and now it is stuck in the down position and tight. In trying to get my fat hands in there I removed the bracket in the way in the opening hole and I will be damed if I know what went wrong.
    New “E”
  13. Nicklas L
    Nicklas L canadianclassics2

    Nicklas Larsson-Sweden here (71redcuda on the moparts forum)

    I did see your radio for sale.. and im intrested in it.

    Please send me a email to: Nicklas-780@hotmail.com

    Maby we can make a deal on it.. I have shipping address in CA and paypal.

  14. doctorgoo
    married with two kid's, and I own two cuda's 71/73 and one 1972 340 duster.
  15. 70SunFun
  16. daryld
    Mopar or no car
  17. Cooter 14
    Cooter 14
    I am 67 years old and I have been working on ,racing mopars for 52 years I have built a lot of engines and torqueflites
  18. kccuda
    kccuda Joemoy29
    I have one on Ebay kccuda340 the store
  19. Cudafor36
    Installing Inner fender supports, radiator frame, and front torque boxes from Us Car Tool next month. Tired of my fender dance over bumps
  20. MarksMopar1
    70 Challenger R/T 440 Automatic #'s matching Nearing completion Central Canada.