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  1. bogusmachine1
    bogusmachine1 Finoke
    If for some reason the sale of your Challenger doesn't work out , please let me know as I am interested.
    Thanks, Randy
  2. aa-1159
    aa-1159 6PKRTSE
    what are you using for a scoop
  3. SFEbody
    SFEbody MoparcudaRay
    Ray, I am in Santa Clarita, do you other e body parts your needing or looking to let go of?
    1. MoparcudaRay
      Hey there SFE, I only have a very nice driver quality set of Plymouth cuda through the rear valance exhaust tips left after selling my car. Will be putting up on this site and ebay later on.
      If your interested let me know and I can send some pictures and a price for you before posting them later this week.
      Feb 11, 2019
    2. SFEbody
      I am good on exhaust... good luck selling them . Brian
      Feb 11, 2019
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  4. Lime Lite 70
    Lime Lite 70
    new member Jan 28,2019
  5. Rob AAR Eppler
    Rob AAR Eppler
    Just starting an AAR build. Plum Crazy 4 Speed car.
  6. Stan Pleskunas
    Stan Pleskunas
    Newly installed rear quarters, floor pan, and wheel wells. Next on the list is new fenders and a Shaker hood.
  7. BcudaChris
  8. paharamia
    paharamia Edward Althouse
    Noticed it was your birthday
    Happy Birthday; hope it was a good one for you.
  9. Bob’s Cuda
  10. 1970AARCanada
    1970AARCanada Hemihead2
    I’ve been meaning to post this for a while- ITS NOT MINE....In the Youngstown OH CL...I talked to him and he says it’s from an AAR and he removed it but later sold the car...it went to Pa but who knows now...hope this helps someone out there!

    Mopar 1970 T/A BLOCK NO 300417 - $2500 (canfield,ohio)

    Do you still have this persons contact number? Thank you.
  11. Entropy
    Entropy Mopar Nut
    Aloha: Thanks for the welcome ... tc Will
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  12. Entropy
    Entropy BSG
    Aloha BSG: Thanks for bringing to my attention about the possible paint chipping.
    I think I'll bend the new clips just a bit and place blue painters tape along the
    edges to help protect the paint. Thank again
  13. Entropy
    Entropy mmissile
    Aloha Missile: Thanks for the tip on binding the clips a bit, good idea.
    I think I'll use some blue painters tape along the edges next to the
    clips as extra precaution also. Cheers Will
    1. mmissile
      No problem. We did that often.
      Jan 11, 2019
  14. Entropy
    Entropy moparlee
    Aloha Lee: Thanks for the welcome and I think I will use those little blocks that came with the window ribbon.
    I believe I used the rubber blocks last time I painted in 1998. Must be why I forgot what those clip spacers were!
    I did post 2 photos on the post Two Fish, will post more photos as soon as I find the best spot on this site for the?
    Cheers Will
  15. Entropy
    Entropy Grady Cain
    Aloha Grady: Thanks for the welcome, did post 2 photos before the start of the restoration. Will post more photos
    as soon as I find the best spot on this site to post more. Cheers Will
  16. Entropy
    Entropy rbbruno3
    Aloha Bruno: Thanks for the welcome. I did post 2 images before the start of the restoration on the post Two Fish.
    Where on this site is the best place to post more images? Cheers Will
  17. Entropy
    Entropy DetMatt1
    Aloha Matt: Thanks for the welcome and a 67 Crown Coupe, nice. Some day I wouldn't mind a 59 Crown Coupe. Cheers Will
  18. Entropy
    Entropy BSG
    Aloha BSG: Thanks for the info on the window clip spacers. The clip set I ended up with came with sealer on the screws. Last time I painted the
    car 1998 & I ended up using the slide on window clips that came with the car. Many of the slide on clips were bad this time and had to get new clips.
    Again thanks for the info I appreciate it. Cheers Will
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  19. Entropy
    Entropy moparleo
    Aloha Lio: I'll keep that in mind for next time ... cheers
  20. walleyebum
    walleyebum RR70
    do you have any 70 ebody seat belts or 70 b body belts or 70 a-body front buckets belts