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    SOLD challenger 1970

    Nice. What Trans? What condition of dash? Any cracks? All gauges work?
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    340 takes a long time to start

    Yes, hot starts. we solved that issue with a new coil... Purrs like a kitten now, hot or cold.
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    1973 Plymouth Cuda - B5 Blue

    Cherish the moment knowing that the driver's seat is a place where your Dad probably sat numerous times grinning from ear to ear... My son did. I'll never forget the 1st time he drove my cuda and I can't get that picture of his...pure joy...grinning from ear to ear out of my memory. I'm sure...
  4. CMC

    340 takes a long time to start

    What issues have you seen with EFI?
  5. CMC

    FOR SALE Found 340 block dated 4/70

    Can you say anything more about the condition of the block? since you have the heads, would you also have the crank and journals?
  6. CMC

    aar cuda t/a challenger trans

    I've got a brand new 727 for sale if interested
  7. CMC

    WTB a518. Trans 2 or 3 wire

    For cash or trade for brand new 727 small block Will be at Fall Fling Irwindale
  8. CMC

    WTB Shock plates mounting plates E-Body leaf spring 8 3/4

    Looking for good set send photos and pricing will be at Fall Fling - Irwindale Thanks - and check out the new Marinade---GOOOOOD Stuff Culinary Zest Dressing & Marinade - 2 (TWO 16 oz Bottles) w/ FREE Key chain LIGHT GIFT Pack FREE SHIPPING
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    360 wont crank

    Good Stuff!!! Chryco....good stuff So I checked into the 308s; sounds good. and i like sealed power too. But where does one get lifters to go with that set up? springs, and the right rods?? I plan to run 3:55's in the back, A/T 727, TTI headers,,,AAR side exhaust; PWR Brakes, and not sure...
  10. CMC

    360 wont crank

    Good to know!! :))) So can we stir lose those 2.0+ stainless steel valves? What lunati would be the best for my 340? KB pistons. Maybe J heads Building a cruiser but want to be able to get out of the way.....
  11. CMC

    360 wont crank

    Hi Chryco, Could you explain a little more about cam choices---you use ( Lunati or Engle cams ) not Comp... Whats the difference? Thanks... PS - Building a 340 (71) with A/T 727 mostly stock for cruising
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    FOR SALE 1971 "CUDA" BS23

    How much? Where U located? https://culinaryzest-us.com/Culinary-Zest-Dressing-&-Marinade-2-TWO-16-oz-Bottles-w-FREE-Key-chain-LIGHT-GIFT-Pack-p154560842 ---only the good stuff
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    FOR SALE 70-71 bucket seat hinges

    Im interested; can you PM me? Culinary Zest Dressing & Marinade - 2 (TWO 16 oz Bottles) w/ FREE Key chain LIGHT GIFT Pack FREE SHIPPING
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    New E body Fanatic

    But you gotta luv the search; everytime you find something its like finding treasure" !! Its that happy feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. :))) Happy to point you in the right direction if you are looking for anything specific-------Im in SoCal...