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    Original carpet how do you tell

    That tag does have date coding on it. You need to flatten it and get better pictures. It could at least give you the possibility that those seats are original.
  2. Cuda Hunter

    Original carpet how do you tell

    There was no saddle tan and black in 1970. Only 69. So either the carpet is not original or all the body panels are not original. Also, there have been lots of remanufactured carpets made over the years and they will look slightly different than the original carpet.
  3. Cuda Hunter

    WTB 340 TA Block/Engine Needed!!!

    yeah Tom, I got the pictures I just have not had a chance to actually look at them and respond. My inbox here is all messed up. I'll email you.
  4. Cuda Hunter

    BradH now on FEBO

    That's a sweet 20 footer! Looks great! Welcome from Colorado!
  5. Cuda Hunter

    We are a go! Fall Fling Oct 24th 2020 @Irwindale Speedway -Mopar Swap-Show-Drags

    That's ridiculous. but that's California for ya.
  6. Cuda Hunter

    WTB 340 TA Block/Engine Needed!!!

    Is that BS23J0B292410 ?
  7. Cuda Hunter

    FOR SALE Shaker hood parts

    How about some better pictures. Are there any broken parts? All tabs are present?
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    FOR SALE Cuda parts

    do you know who made the repops? What year were they repopped? Any chance of a picture of the scooped side? I'm wondering if they have the black in the little scoops. I'll pm ya.
  10. Cuda Hunter

    Creampuff shell..the beginning

    That is one clean car! Looks great. I'm curious about the donor car when you get around to considering the outcome of the car.
  11. Cuda Hunter

    WIW '72 'CUDA

    Wish I had a duster to trade. I'm sure you will find someone who wants it for a duster trade.
  12. Cuda Hunter

    WIW '72 'CUDA

    Looks like since it was an undercoat car that some of the underneath metal was saved. Rails don't look that bad really.
  13. Cuda Hunter

    WIW '72 'CUDA

    have a second person help you. One person to raise the springs and another to carefully slide it out. Same in return. Put one in each seat when you reinstall the seats.
  14. Cuda Hunter

    New member here looking for guidance on my 1970 Cuda

    And thanks for posting it. I appreciate decoding the tag. I'm assuming you have decoded it already?