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    FOR SALE 71 cuda parts

    Prices? The forum rules state you need to have prices with your listing. FEBO classified rules
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    Is this the same alternator that is on Ebay for buy it now of $295.00? Ebay item number: 134140322843
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    SOLD E body Parts Cleanout !

    Hi, I'm interested in #9 - he door jams. I'd like a driver and passenger side (challenger). Can you give me total with shipping to 11952? Thank You, Rob
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    Is it possible it make a convertible

    Is it possible, yes. I did it using original e body convertible parts from a convertible that was in a fire. See: New Member here
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    New Guy near Atlanta Ga. with 70 Barracuda project !

    Love the car and the color! Welcome.
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    New Member here

    I guess you could consider this a high class problem that we go through....but that doesn't make it any easier to decide. LOL
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    New Member here

    Yes, I developed and teach an autobody restoration class there. 90% of the class is cutting out rusty panels and welding in replacements.
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    New Member here

    This is my favorite one. I should state that the car at that time was on a solid 8" think cement floor that was perfectly level. We built a wooden jig based off the engineering drawing and had the car fastened to the eight points it was fastened as it went down the assembly line. Everything...
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    New Member here

    Here is one of over 200 photos of the conversion:
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    New Member here

    The fender tag has since been repaired with JB Weld to fill in the rust holes. This is the original build sheet - amazing it survived. The fender tag will be back on the car restored and painted.
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    New Member here

    I was not aware of this. So a black interior with black top got a black billboard and visa versa for the white? What if a customer wanted a black interior and black top but wanted white billboards, would they have built it that way?