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  1. floyd

    Rallye Dash Woodgrain Inserts

    I saw a post somewhere that Performance Car Graphics plans to re-open in some capacity. Hopefully you’ll have better luck in the near future.
  2. floyd

    Antenna extension length - Trans Am cars

    Measured an original AAR/TA antenna extension cable and its 104” long (8’ 8”).
  3. floyd

    70 Cuda Hood

    Ink stamp. Locations varied a bit but here’s an NOS with the stamp visible. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MOPAR-NOS-1970-1971-CUDA-CHALLENGER-340-SHAKER-HOOD-AIR-CLEANER-BASE-PLATE/174589421891?
  4. floyd

    70 Cuda Hood

    Can’t help on the hood question. Partial answer for your base plate question below. I don’t have the 426 or six pack numbers handy. I also can’t help if you’re asking about the Adaptor Ring (the big part that the rubber seal attaches to). 4-Barrel Shaker Bases Engine Part# Throat Depth*...
  5. floyd

    Interior door panel's

    I haven’t installed them yet. I have friends that used them without any major issues though.
  6. floyd

    Interior door panel's

    I bought Challenger door and rear panels from Roseville awhile back. They had a great sale around a holiday (Labor Day I think) that saved me hundreds of $$. Great to deal with.
  7. floyd

    Door Jamb Sticker

    Post deleted
  8. floyd

    ID these consoles please

    Top pic auto, bottom pic manual. Do the have ash trays at the rear or a slotted area for seat belts? With seat belt slot is 70-only E-body With ash tray is 71-74 E/B-body I’m looking for a. Nice 70 E-body 4-speed console if you’re selling.
  9. floyd

    Side Door Window Help

    There is a link in my post to DMT’s website for the gasket. I’m not sure about the part though. Search for SKU: CHR3499850
  10. floyd

    Side Door Window Help

    Is this what you’re looking for? Mopar E Body 70-74 Door Window Guide Bracket Gasket Set
  11. floyd

    Vanishing Point Mystery Girl Pic

    A couple of months ago I tagged along with a friend on a trip to visit some of the VP filming locations. He drove his U-code 70 Challenger from WI to NV and back. Fantastic trip. We posted some pics here: Vanishing Point 50th Anniversary Run in Cuda & Challenger General Discussion...
  12. floyd

    WTB 340 TA Block/Engine Needed!!!

    What’s the VIN on the block?
  13. floyd

    Correct Mounting of 1970 Space Saver Spare?

    Yes and yes. Here’s a pic from the web of an AAR Cuda trunk. I believe all hardtop e-bodies got that same bracket. Convertibles got a different bracket.
  14. floyd

    carpet supports

    Yep, cleaning off the old carpet residue turned out to be a real PITA. I was about 2 min into the job when I decided maybe repros would be the way to go. Saw the price and went back to work cleaning my origals!