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    Stock Engine or a option

    I think 383 was Challenger R/T and 'Cuda base engines (JS and BS). JH and BH base engines may have been the 318.
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    New member - Boston

    Great car! Smart swap. Pictures, pictures, pictures 😁
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    No crank, no lights.....nothin

    If you have no lights and no start, likely a ground problem.
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    Fuel options for valve seats.

    $900? That is crazy. I had the heads of a '71 440 done for $18 per seat. Only exhaust seats needed doing. I pulled the heads and handed them to my machinist (this guy built race engines). He removed the keepers, valves and springs, checked the guides and reinstalled the valves and springs...
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    Fuel options for valve seats.

    Cheaper to pull the heads and have hardened seats installed.
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    70 & 71 Challenger Convertible Pics & Info

    Curious about the '71. Did the rally hood have the DODGE lettering in '71? Did a rally hood car have fender turn signals? I've always wondered about fender turn signals on a rally hood car. For some reason, it just doesn't look right to me. I'm aware the R/T was not available on a 'vert in...
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    FOR SALE Duel snorkel air cleaner

    Just the outside, right? Inside was smooth?
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    FOR SALE Duel snorkel air cleaner

    I looked at that site for the 1970 383 and 440 dual snorkel air cleaners. It is ambiguous as to whether the paint is a smooth black or a crinkle black. Which is correct?
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    FOUND 73 Challenger Spindle passenger side needed

    Looks like some surface area not coated in bearing grease that got some moisture. As long as there are no cracks and the seal surface is good, I'd say it is usable.
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    FOUND 73 Challenger Spindle passenger side needed

    How bad is the corrosion? As long as its not in danger of breaking the spindle, clean as best as possible. Rotor rides on the bearings, not the spindle. Unless the integrity of the seal is compromised, of course.
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    FOR SALE 70 Challenger convertible project car

    I think he means it comes with the rally hood and AMD fenders (seen in pic). The flat hood and original fenders are listed separately (original fenders must be rough). Just my guess.
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    OE front sway bar orientation

    When the wheels are on the ground, if the drop link ends are below the sway bar mounts on the k member, it should curve up. If the drop link ends are above the sway bar mounts, curve down. The goal is to keep the sway bar end mounting points parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the drop...
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    71 Challenger Wagon

    Is that an Olds Vista Cruiser roof and rear glass?
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    Yet another convert

    Agree ;)
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    Interesting 1970 Challenger "Rarity" and Valuation Guide

    I don't know. No way I sell my #6 convertible for $21,600.