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  1. 70 cuda 440 6pk

    70 cuda 440 6pk

  2. 1970 cuda 440 6pk

    1970 cuda 440 6pk

  3. 1970 cuda

    1970 cuda

  4. J

    new member from AR.

    yea its got a fender tag. Do you want to know any special thing? Its the real thing. I know I need to get some pictures on here, Sorry iam so slow about that.
  5. J

    new member from AR.

    Sorry no pictures yet. I am helping my son build a new house and just havnt had time. Ill try to get some posted this week.
  6. J

    new member from AR.

    Hello fellow mopar fans. I am on the fabo site and the truck site so I might as well get on here. A little about myself. Iam retired. I live just outside Little Rock Ar. on a small farm (i dont farm just keep it all mowed). Been into mopars since 1966 when I bought my first mopar a 1966 Dart GT...