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  1. Jjride426

    FOR SALE 150 speedo

    $200 shipped?
  2. Jjride426

    FOR SALE Challenger DASH WIRING HARNESS complete!

    Have full OEM Dash / Instrument gauge wire harness for challenger. No wire breaks, no frays, no deterioration, no cracking plastic, perfect! Request photos please, having difficulty uploading them. Asking $185 for everything. Thank you.
  3. Jjride426

    SOLD 72-74 Challenger 'Instrument Cluster Gauges Set' For Sale. (REDUCED!)

    This is a standard 'Non-Rallye Instrument Cluster' from my '72 Challenger and shows 69,379 miles. Everything works great! Original OEM gauge cluster including the clear bezel. No plastic mounting surround or side switches or wiring harness. Works perfect! No disappointments! $875 obo...
  4. Jjride426

    SOLD '70-'74 Challenger 'RALLYE' GAUGE CLUSTER (OEM)-Like new!

    Very interested! What would shipping costs be to 48843? Please PM me.
  5. Jjride426

    Magnaflow X system

    Got the same Magnaflow SS X Pipe system on my challenger. Very nice!
  6. Jjride426

    SOLD Challenger Interior

    Sell just the seat hinge covers?
  7. Jjride426

    FOR SALE 73 Challenger parts

    How much for both pieces togethers?
  8. Jjride426

    FOR SALE The great used wiring harness sale

    Still have a fuse block? If so, how much?
  9. Jjride426


    I’d like to purchase these panels and the headliner. Could you take a deposit now, if I pay in full in 30 days? I will try to PM you.