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  1. marks ebody

    FOR SALE 1970 Challenger exhaust hanger brackets

    I could be wrong but I think those brackets are for the rear bumper guard on a challenger. Not exhaust brackets
  2. marks ebody

    FOR SALE 1970 parking brake

    I have two 1970 E brake assemblies,left one is $150.00 right one $200.00
  3. marks ebody

    FOR SALE Rally wheels 2944390s

    Sanding them down was going to Powder paint them. then I was going through my other sets and decided to use them.
  4. marks ebody

    Classic Auto Air vs Vintage Air, which one is best?

    factory AC controls will not work with classic or vintage air. vintage air when you order their factory AC kit You have a great switch panel whether it’s a rally – or a non-rally – it is two different switch bezels but they were phenomenal. classic has a much better belt system for the air...
  5. marks ebody

    FOR SALE Rally wheels 2944390s

    For pictures of the tire, one picture of one beauty ring and they all are perfect
  6. marks ebody

    WTB Cuda Right front wheel opening moulding

    Looking for a right front NOS wheel lip molding. Will buy a complete set.
  7. marks ebody

    WTB Looking for 70 71 ebody emergency brake 70 71 only

    Just a heads up if your car is a 1970 e body. 71 is different than a 1970 if you get a 71 your main cable needs to be for a 71
  8. marks ebody

    SOLD Tuff Wheel

    I will take the wheel and the ad set
  9. marks ebody

    FOR SALE Rally wheels 2944390s

    4) 2944390 wheels with tires, used them as rollers asking $2350.00. I also have some 15 x 3 trim rings that go with these wheels for a lot more money.
  10. marks ebody

    FOR SALE Trim ring NOS

    Two 15 x 8 NOS trim rings part number 3880904 $500.00 shipped for the supercoupe 15 x 8 wheels
  11. marks ebody

    FOR SALE E body parts

    Rally dash cluster armrest hood seal trunk latch dome light fog lamp switch weatherstrips,everything you see here $400 shipped
  12. marks ebody

    FOR SALE Radio delete

    70-74 Radio delete bezel $165.00 I’m posting this cause I finally found the piece please look at the back of the radio delete it has been repaired.
  13. marks ebody

    Fuel Sender leaking

    Replacing the sending unit without 1/4 Emission tube pretty damn hard to find. He does have 3/8 fuel line, in the pictures that you show 5/16. l don’t even know if they make it without that line.
  14. marks ebody

    WTB Wanted- drivers quality 72-74 Cuda grille chrome trim ring

    I have a pair,If you haven’t found any.
  15. marks ebody

    Fuel Sender leaking

    One of the problems when you use a threaded bolt the liquid can go right down the threads and cause a leak.