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    WTB 73 cuda

    Looking for hood loop latch. I guess that's what its called. Odd shaped round steel rod that bolts to hood .
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    Cuda parts

    Column, complete with wheel ,key, and harness, venal top trim. Complete a/c heater box with vents controls everything. Will post picks on request located in Philly Pa. Burbs. Price negotiable.
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    06 5.7 hemi

    Like the title says. 06. 5.7 Running in car. No noise or smoke. Located phila. Pa. Area. I would like local pick up but can help with shipping or delivery. Asking 2500.00 but will entertain reasonable offers. Comes with engine harness
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    H B D

    Burntorange hope it's a good one.
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    Thanks to Moparparts

    Thank you parts exactly as described at a fair price. It was a pleasure to meet a fellow Wolfgang. Wolfie AKA Ray
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    Intake question

    Can anyone ID this intake cast no 295666-2 thanks ray
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    Past,present, and future

    A happy Fathers Day to everyone. I know some of us have lost ours. Although they are never gone from our hearts. Some are present day fathers. While others are proud fathers in waiting. A good day to all.
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    42 Years

    6/7/14 Marks the forty second year of my life sentence with no parole. Easiest time I've ever done. I never knew saying. I do. Is a crime. It's been a great ride with no regrets. Just figured I'd share.
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    Out in front it's

    Moparleo. I only check in now and again. I see the sight has a new top poster. Congrats.
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    Selling out and moving on.

    I am taking my life in a different direction, and will be selling my 73 cuda. and shop equipment. Lift, rotisserie, blast cabinet compressor etc. phila burbs. Pictures and prices in next few days. enjoyed my time here, but it's just time to let it all go. I also have a few non mopars I...
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    The writing is on the wall

    The NFL has granted a 3rd extension to the Packers, Colts, and Bengals. To sell their remaining playoff tickets to avoid a local blackout.
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    Life choices

    If you had to pick one. A punch in the mouth, or a kick in the groin? Yes there is a reason I am asking.
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    Safe Holiday Advice

    Drinking and Driving. With the holidays upon us I would like to share a personal experience with my family & friends about drinking and driving. As you may know some of us have been known to have brushes with the authorities from time to time on the way home after a "social session"...
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    Blues Brothers

    :thumbsup: http://youtu.be/bJ_uqlNgSU8
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    Holiday card mailing list

    Anyone interested ? Pm me your info and if you want it shared with other members, who wish to participate.
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    Happy birthday Big Jim

    Hope you have a good day.
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    I can't believe it

    They killed off Brian Griffin.
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    Ok where's Ramenth

    Not like Robert to not be posting. Perhaps his new job is taking all his time. I hope all is well.
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    Opinions requested

    This is a long read. A few weeks ago I was involved in a car accident. At the time of the accident the other driver admitted being distracted. ( cell phone) in front of witnesses, fire rescue and others. Fast forward. It turned out the other drivers insurance refused to honor the claim...
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    Why Oh Why?

    I guess it's just not ment for us to understand.