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  1. R4Sedan

    Rare color, 4 speed Sassy Grass Cuda VERT for Sale on Ebay! Not Mine

    That is a bunch of Money. Man he's got a lot of nice car's in that garage.
  2. R4Sedan

    1970 Cuda with 2014 Jeep SRT8 swap

    Pretty Cool!:thumbsup:
  3. R4Sedan

    New to forum

    Welcome aboard. From Weeki Wachee, FL. Nice Car.
  4. R4Sedan

    71 Challenger rt 340 4sp # matching car

    Was it originally Black or the Autumn Bronze
  5. R4Sedan

    Over priced IMO 71 Cuda Project on Craigslist Chattangooga

    Not even a complete car.
  6. R4Sedan

    Joe's 1972 Barracuda - 72BRCDA Build

    Nice work, JJ. Looks Awesome!
  7. R4Sedan

    '70 Vert - waited long enough...

    Good for you, for hanging on to it.
  8. R4Sedan

    my challenger project

    Good for you. I got bit by the Bug riding in the back of a '67 Charger. Welcome Aboard.
  9. R4Sedan

    How to get my 73 home

    looks like a pretty nice car. Congrats.
  10. R4Sedan

    71 Cuda 426 gen 3 / TKO 600 swap

    That is Sweet!
  11. R4Sedan

    WTB Wanting Classic Mopars

    I hear ya. I contacted him as well.
  12. R4Sedan

    New to FEBO

    Welcome from Weekie Wachee FL.
  13. R4Sedan

    WTB Wanting Classic Mopars

    Did you get the '70 Charger on the Bbody forum?
  14. R4Sedan

    This has to hurt!

    Yeah hope he had insurance on them babies.
  15. R4Sedan

    This pic was just too good to let go; Older guys will understand this pic!

    Unfortunately, I know what it is. My first car.:steering::( till I saved enough money to buy my Charger. And let me tell you. That Pinto was a hunk of shit.
  16. R4Sedan

    My dad had to be taken to the ER last night

    Prayers sent your way.
  17. R4Sedan

    MOST UNUSED item ever made on 1970 Cudas

    I had an original '70 Burnt Orange Interior Challenger. Had Black Belts just like that one.
  18. R4Sedan

    WTB "T" type jack assy for -70 Challenger

    I've got the Hook if that helps.
  19. R4Sedan

    Is this a sin?

    Really no matter how far a '70 or '71 E-body is gone now a days. It can be put back together. It just takes time and money. But if you buy the car and decide to do it, well it's your car.