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  1. SFEbody

    FOR SALE 1970 Challenger R/T Clone

    Hello Gooz, yes it is still available. if you want to hit me up you can PM me and I will give you my # Brian
  2. SFEbody

    License Plate advice

    Just to Clarify Mr MoparCHP, my vanity plated ( black & gold ) are " EBODY70" THE BLUE plate from Calplates.com are same "EBODY70"...htey are same only blue to Black..... do you think It is okay to drive on the blue plates that the # is assigned to my VIN?
  3. SFEbody

    License Plate advice

    So first, THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the feedback. For clarity, my BLACK/GOLD plates are custom reading: EBODY70, that is the registered tag. I had the BLUE/GOLD created exactly so if I did get pulled over, the blue plates are same as black and the stickers are on the rear plates for month &...
  4. SFEbody

    SOLD Dodge Challenger aftermarket SHAKER parts/AMD rear valance

    can you tell me the measurement of the exhaust cutouts? some of them are a little tight
  5. SFEbody

    License Plate advice

    Hey FEBO friends. So I finally ordered my 1970 correct California plates from CALPLATES.com Can anyone tell me if it legal to use these even though not through the DMV? My regular plate are Black W/yellow script... Here is the new one just have to put the sticker tags on if consensus is they...
  6. SFEbody

    Artwork of my Challenger

    What is the app?
  7. SFEbody


    Thanks Steve. I need the vertical section on right side please send pics
  8. SFEbody


    Need right side exterior stainless trim. Would like it to be a (9) on 1-10 scale please
  9. SFEbody


    Welcome from Los Angeles Califorinaaaa. :welcome:
  10. SFEbody

    Screw Size???

    Try Tommy at Parts Hound! he can sell individuals I am sure Vintage Mopar Parts | Ebay Mopar Parts for Sale
  11. SFEbody

    Screw Size???

    many of the sponsors sell pre-packaged sets for each you mention.
  12. SFEbody

    WTB 1970 Cuda Dash Pad

    JustDashs in CA has done a few for me. Their work is perfect! http://www.justdashes.com/
  13. SFEbody

    FOR SALE 70 Challenger s/b, auto, w/ ac. parts

    By Chance do you have a turn signal switch to fit a 70 challenger?
  14. SFEbody

    FOR SALE 1970 plymouth cuda u code 440 4 speed dana plum crazy

    How much rot is in the car if any? Photos of metal would help
  15. SFEbody

    Carlisle 2020 photos

    Matt. Is that like asking my wife to shut her pie hole? Lol
  16. SFEbody

    Carlisle 2020 photos

    Ok last one
  17. SFEbody

    Carlisle 2020 photos

    Last few
  18. SFEbody

    Carlisle 2020 photos

    A few more
  19. SFEbody

    Carlisle 2020 photos

    A few more
  20. SFEbody

    Carlisle 2020 photos

    A few more