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  1. Plymouth71

    Looking for some 318 upgrade help

    I have a 1971 Plymouth Satellite with the factory 318. I have received a Holley 650 ultra double pumper part number 76650 BL which if I can make it work reliably I would like to use on my setup. I also have a four barrel intake from what I believe is a police interceptor 360 part number 4100340...
  2. Plymouth71

    Billy Graham

    Ok, Just so you know, I'm not trying to stir the pot, I'm trying to show the importance of Knowing what the Bible says, and That we need to seriously Seek him with all our Heart, Soul and Might. I know I said I would not reply, but I want to explain myself. I'm not trying to create enemies here...
  3. Plymouth71

    Billy Graham

    I'm just saying that these men Are not saints. In fact All Christians have been led astray by the church. Do your homework. You will find that no where in the scriptures will you find the celebration of Christmas. In the 1st century you have "home" church's with a congregation of maybe 20-30...
  4. Plymouth71

    Billy Graham

    No. This Zac Bauer http://torahlifeministries.org/portfolio-post/southern-baptist-to-torah-what-is-sin/
  5. Plymouth71

    Billy Graham

    Personally I won't watch because I don't think he is a man of God. I look at him and his Son and they just rake in the money. I believe they teach false doctrines and mislead people from the truth. There. I said it. Just for starters... Billy Graham has expressed inclusivist views, suggesting...
  6. Plymouth71

    1973 Cuda Survivor: For Sale

    Found another Car and bought it. It will be starting an account at forbbodiesonly.com LoL
  7. Plymouth71

    1973 Cuda Survivor: For Sale

    Ok, well I'm not waiting any longer. I'm now looking at a local car. Thank you for your time.
  8. Plymouth71

    1973 Cuda Survivor: For Sale

    Still interested... did you get any more pictures?
  9. Plymouth71

    1973 Cuda Survivor: For Sale

    Anything you can get showing the undercarriage would be nice. I'd like to know what I'm getting myself into. Any rust spots you can find, the interior and trunk as well please.
  10. Plymouth71

    New to the family

    Hello from the great white north ! I'm new to the posting side of things, but not to the board. I've been Fishin' for a barracuda for a while, I just haven't had a good bite on the bait I have available if you get my drift ! Looks like lots of great people and tons of info. I hope I can fit...
  11. Plymouth71

    A recent few pics of my 70 Cuda

    very nice. I almost bought a 70. Unfortunately it had way too much work required to make it worth my time.
  12. Plymouth71

    Sassy grass green cuda with plum crazy purple billboard

    I think someone would ask what yer smokin'
  13. Plymouth71

    1973 Cuda Survivor: For Sale

    I'm in Winnipeg, looking for a cuda. Can I get additional pics? I have family in the GTA.