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    FOR SALE 1970-71 Challenger Locking Gas Cap Fix

    Return full locking functionality to your Challenger locking cap! If your Challenger locking gas cap doesn’t lock, this is likely the cause. This is the round locking disk that is often broken on the rare and desirable Challenger-only locking caps from 1970-71. The originals were pot metal and...
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    SOLD FRAM 305V 4 bbl. Air Filter - Orange Flange, Perforated Metal

    What is your zip so I can calculate shipping?
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    FOR SALE NOS Mopar Replacement 6 Pack/Hemi Air Filter 2946186

    New in the box 6 pack air filter. Black flanges and screen wire, as many of the parts replacement filters were. Use this one for daily use and keep your nice NOS or Repop correct filter for shows. Have 2, one in the box, the other without a box. $75 for the boxed one and $50 for the loose...
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    SOLD FRAM 305V 4 bbl. Air Filter - Orange Flange, Perforated Metal

    I have for sale a Fram 305V air filter that was produced several years ago as part of their "vintage" series. New in the box. $125 plus shipping from Central Illinois, 61704.
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    SOLD B/E Body 18-Spline 4 Speed Transmission

    This is a factory HEMI 18 spline 4 speed out of a 1972 Charger Rallye 440. Car had about 50K miles on it. Will have to be freshened up, but shifted well when taken out years ago. Includes clutch disc and throwout bearing. Asking $1000. Can deliver to Mopar Nationals. Located in Central...
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    SOLD 440 Short Block - Stock Bore

    I have a 440 short block built years ago by Herb McCandless's shop. It was one of their "street motors" they built in the off season. Standard bore. All new components were used. 1978 block. No Cam, but includes a good used flywheel. Stored in climate controlled storage. McCandless told...
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    SOLD NOS, Repro and Used Parts for Sale - Make Offer

    Sorry , that is gone. I just can't seem to edit the post since I guess more than 30 days has gone by? Thanks for checking. Dan
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    SOLD NOS, Repro and Used Parts for Sale - Make Offer

    Just checking if you still wanted this part.
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    SOLD NOS, Repro and Used Parts for Sale - Make Offer

    Probably $5.00 for shipping. So $35 total. Let me know if you still want it and send your zip so I can confirm shipping. Thanks. Dan
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    SOLD NOS, Repro and Used Parts for Sale - Make Offer

    NOS 3420021 Brake Tee – 69-73 A & B Body w/Drums - $75 NOS 3577867 1972 440 Fuel Vapor Separator - $75 NOS 2951303 Block Heater Plug-in Cord – All Models Pre- 1971 - $25 NOS 3404607 Brake Tee – 70-71 B & E Body w/Drums - $100 NOS 3621610 Carter 440 Fuel Pump - $75 NOS 3579260 71-74+ B & E Body...
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    SOLD E/71-74 B Body HEMI 18 Spline 4 Speed Transmission

    HEMI (18 Spline) Transmission pulled from a 1972 Charger 440 about 30 years ago. Car had about 50,000 miles on it when I parted it. Transmission shifted fine when removed, but you will no doubt want to freshen it up. $1200 or best offer. Located in Central Illinois. PM if interested.
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    SOLD 440 Short Block - Ready to Finish

    440 Short Block built by Herb McCandless' shop many years ago. It is 1978 casting. I was told by the shop that it was sonic checked and is good to overbore .060. As built it the bottom end should be good to 700 HP. Been in climate controlled storage on an engine stand since. Changed plans...
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    SOLD NOS, New and Used E Body Parts - Body, Engine, and Drivetrain

    This is just a start. Many more parts coming. Finishing my projects (71 Challenger R/T, 72 Satellite Sebring) and selling the extra stuff. B/E Body Transmission Crossmember - $30 Set of 4 72-74 Taillight Assemblies - $40 SOLD Set of 2 72-Up Hood mounted Turn Signals, Chrome, Good Condition -...
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    New member intro

    Did it also get the quick ratio steering like a T/A AAR? You have one unique ride there!
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    New member intro

    Interesting. I had never heard of this. So the block has the "TA 340" cast in it? Are the heads TA heads with relocated pushrods and adjustable gear or standard? I have heard of 440 6 pack rods being in some high performance 72 440s, etc. to use them up, but not this. What a find! If this...
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    Shaker Challenger Registry?

    Thanks Floyd.
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    Shaker Challenger Registry?

    Does anyone know what happened to the Shaker Challenger Registry and how to access it? Dan