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  1. NixDad

    1970 Cuda space saver tire/rim WIW?

    if you determine the rim is the only salvagable piece, i would be interested. PM sent...if that is the direction. I am just looking for a rim.
  2. NixDad

    Car Show Signs- what's cool? what is lame?

    There are a number of people making show sign boards...Pinterest and Etsy have lots of images. The company 'Car Show Boards' out of Ottawa Illionois seems to do some design work and allow for download of images and text of your choosing. It seems to be one that is not too expensive (~$200) for...
  3. NixDad

    Car Show Signs- what's cool? what is lame?

    I thought about getting a sign for my car for car shows. Anyone had success with one of the many vendors for these? What do you find interesting when you see a sign in front of a car? I find signs that are big and hide a view of car irritating. Having signs that can blow over (outside) are an...
  4. NixDad

    Cuda Upper Cowl Black Paint

    Black cowl paint was phased out towards the latter part of the 70 model year. During the 70 model year it was not intended to be used on 'dark' color cars (black, B& blue, etc), although it was Chrysler and strange things happen. I have not seen 71's with a black cowl. I would presume someone...
  5. NixDad

    Seat cable, and wiring questions

    you may need to tip that relay on its side to allow us to verify. There are 2 wires for the adjusters...one for the drivers side is different than the passenger. I believe Mega Parts...or others may sell repros.
  6. NixDad

    Garage find Barracuda photos

    That underdash bracket looks like from one of those quickly removable aftermarket radio/tapedecks from the 80's. People thought it would eliminate someone breaking in the car and stealing the radio.
  7. NixDad

    AC Compressor

    PM me if you are interested in a compressor and/or some OEM clutches.
  8. NixDad

    WTB Door handle rubber bumpers

    did you look at Grainger or McMaster-Carr? You can research the size based various details and get close. You may need to buy a bag of 20...but still cheap
  9. NixDad

    Glass run?

    Yes, it is a 1970 piece only. It is also referred to as a Guide. Place a wanted ad and someone may have a set. The internal rubber pieces are reproduced
  10. NixDad

    Hood hinge repair

    if you want to have them completely rebuilt, Restorick does them.
  11. NixDad

    Rear axle paint markings

    Thanks. What is the meaning of the 'V' at the end? is the 3-26 a date code? I've seen some 'K' an 'X', etc... not sure what the letter means.
  12. NixDad

    Rear axle paint markings

    078 is 3.91 Can you measure the overall length of the 3 numbers? I'm trying to verify spacing. Did any other markings still remain on your rear end?
  13. NixDad

    Tom's EK2

    My TA has 2 speed wipers with a foot pump. Standard gauges
  14. NixDad

    Tom's EK2

    few people are willing to dive into a project of that level...great job! There is a TA block and trans (4 Speed) on Facebook for sale for like $19,000...starts with 296...but not an exact match to yours of-course (yours being an Auto)...but it does show that they do come out of the woodwork.
  15. NixDad

    1970 challenger rt front door panels

    This is just a pet-peave of mine....if you have original door panels without woodgrain please don't modify them to have woodgrain! Original panels without woodgrain are relatively rare (early production and Deputy), where-as woodgrain versions ran all the years so can be found.
  16. NixDad

    WTB Wanted: Blue E-Body kick panels

    Looking for a very nice set of Blue interior kick panels. PM me here. Also, A-pillars in Blue, but there is probably nothing out there. Thanks
  17. NixDad

    Mopar Nationals in Columbus OH. August 2024

    Check out the area of Heath.
  18. NixDad

    How can you tell a TA fender from an RT fender on a 70/71 Challenger?

    Jeff, regarding your comment about the opening dimension of 32" vs 33", as was commented above, the fender tooling (outside skin) didn't change shape over the years. So, it could have been modified by someone (would seem like a strange thing to do) or possibly your method of measuring is a bit...
  19. NixDad

    Source for vapor barrier adhesive

    not that it really matters but the original caulk had a thread that was imbedded in it. If you want to be accurate (:)) press into it a white thread.
  20. NixDad


    You can contact Dave Wise...at MMC Detroit. Are you just looking to verify the documentation you have, such as decoding the BC sheet and Fender tag? If so, you can go to the tag decoders at E-bodies.org and save some money. (MMC Detroit also sells numerous books for cross-reference) A lot of...