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  1. Moto

    SOLD NOS Drivers side mirror with remote.

    A few. I just posted the major ones. Some suspension pieces, brackets and oddball stuff. A K-member too.
  2. Moto

    SOLD NOS Drivers side mirror with remote.

    I'm no expert, but I understood these were a common part from 71 to 74. Part # in picture.
  3. Moto

    FOR SALE Crush can

    Steering column crush can. $40
  4. Moto

    SOLD Challenger dash pad.

    It was out of a donor car that was totalled. I pulled some parts to use on my first car, which was subsequently wrecked... I never got to use it. I don't recall if it was a 73 or 74. Here's the VIN.
  5. Moto

    FOR SALE Steering column crush can.

    Crush can. $40
  6. Moto

    SOLD Challenger dash pad.

    Challenger dash pad that's been stored indoors for 30 years. No cracks at speaker cutout. Good overall condition. $100 or B.O. + shipping. Pickup near Merced, Ca.
  7. Moto

    SOLD NOS Drivers side mirror with remote.

    This is a NOS mirror with remote. Includes new fasteners, brackets, pad/gasket and door bezel. $140 + shipping. Local pickup near Merced, Ca.
  8. Moto


    Hello Mopar fans! New member here. 1st Challenger I had was a 72, 318 car. Got it from my brother that was starting a family. I drove it until it was totalled pulling out of a parking lot on a rainy day. You couldn't see to the left as an RV was parked along side the road near the exit. A lady...