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    426 HEMI Engine-Firewall Ground??

    Much appreciated :) I have the battery cable and core support one, thought I was missing one possibly for the rear.
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    426 HEMI Engine-Firewall Ground??

    Does anyone know the location? Or if there is even a grounding strap for the 426 HEMI from the engine to the firewall? I am working on a ‘71 if this makes a difference for the years. Photos would help if any :))
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    70-71 ‘Cuda Trunk Hinge VS Challenger

    I may have found my answer on the Goodmark website, they list theses as the various application. Funny, that AMD & Classic Industries only application listed as 70-74 Dodge Challenger.
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    70-71 ‘Cuda Trunk Hinge VS Challenger

    Is the 70-74 Challenger trunk hinge interchangeable with a ‘71 Barracuda? https://www.autometaldirect.com/body-components-trunk-trunk-hinges-c-23_151_704.html I am in need of a driver side trunk hinge assembly for a ‘71 Cuda and was trying to look for a replacement. Only thing I can find is...
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    1970 Challenger with Sniper System Fuel Siphoning from Vent

    I have installed a couple sniper kits with the Holley EFI tank and have not had an issue with the ‘vent’ spilling fuel. I usually cap off the “V” vent on the fuel pump and only use one vent on top of the tank. I do have issues sometimes with the fuel coming back out of the neck depending on...
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    Cuda/Challenger value Comparison

    Of the Challengers, my opinion 1970 is the year and 1971 for cudas.
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    Aloha from Honolulu, Hawaii
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    Kelsey Hayes Caliper Position Clips

    Good ole Mopar 👍 prob. end up $20 per clip once shipped, early Christmas :)
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    Trunk Pan Replacement Help Needed

    Panel replacement is my favorite :) Not a Challenger, but this is a 67 camaro converted to 69 Camaro I completed last year, only thing on the back half that was saved were the frame rails. Installed a full trunk pan w/ trunk drop offs, Detroit Speed Mini-Tub Kit, outer wheelhouses, full...
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    Trunk Pan Replacement Help Needed

    Why not cut the pan forward of the shock mounts where the factory spot welds are to avoid butt welding on the forward seam? Along the rear seam same deal, cut the trunk pan back to tail panel where factory spot welds are to avoid butt welding at the rear area? Wheel locks, could a 12pt socket...
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    Kelsey Hayes Caliper Position Clips

    My good-ness!! For (4) caliper clips for Kelsey Hayes calipers 1971. https://521restorations.com/caliper-pin-positioner-kit-for-pair-of-kelsey-hayes-calipers-71-2-b-e-c-body/ Broke one of them and looking up a source to replace it. Has anyone used 521 Restorations before? Review or experiences?
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    Hemi life

    Like the gear drive 👍👍
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    WTB Hemi E body K frame

    PM’ed, if you are not looking for original k-member, I have reproduction HEMI k-member mount kits to convert an e-body k-member to fit a HEMI block with factory style motor mounts.
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    Trunk Pan Replacement Help Needed

    As far as mini-tubs goes, if you have the funds go with the kit or save for it, hands down, much easier to install if this is the first time. Without the kit, if you slit the wheel house and add in a strip, the challenge is the transitions of the patch. The area you have planned with the...
  15. ignition1

    Trunk Pan Replacement Help Needed

    Take many photos and measurements for reference, then take more photos, maybe even a video. I use a spot weld cutter to remove factory welds, remove old panels, and straighten out the flanges where the spot welds were for a nice fit up when the new panel goes in. Agree with @Adam, DO NOT...
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    FOR SALE 1970 426 Hemi K-Member/Frame $2800 shipped

    Dated: 0050 1 (January 5 1970, Shift 1)
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    SOLD 1971 340 Exhaust Manifold PAIR

    *SOLD* thank you for e bodies :)
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    dash pad

    Just Dashes customer support/service was excellent when I spoke with them on the phone and other forum reviews on them has been top notch. Down side was the wait time of 6 months or more before actual production of the dash. I was quoted ~$2k to use my original core and convert to A/C. I...
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    SOLD 1971 340 Exhaust Manifold PAIR

    1971 340 Exhaust Manifold PAIR 3418621-2 dated 6-17-70 3418623 dated 6-4-70 Flapper moves freely w/ spring Hardware as shown in photo No repairs or cracks $400 $350 shipped via PayPal Located in Honolulu, HI