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  1. Cratos

    3 0r 4 core

    I have the radiator at a local radiator shop I have use for years. unit was cooling ok just needs some TLC ( seeing corrosion and the green crud on the bottom tank) I was thinking the cost between a 3 or 4 row core is only 100.00 more I'm in Florida and the care is a factory air car. so...
  2. Cratos

    Pinging at low total timing advance

    well with summer here now.I had to resort to 50/50 mix of 100LL av gas and 90 rec ( non eth) even with the octane buster was not cutting it. all happy now,
  3. Cratos

    Mopar Nationals in Columbus OH. August 2024

    any idea when the website is? I would like to go but cannot find any inro besides the track info.
  4. Cratos

    Mopar Nationals Ohio august.

    Anyone have any info?? There web site is not up and I have left 5 phone calls on there (phone) ) over the last 3 weeks and no return call. ?? is this normal? I find it hard to believe the regeneration site is not up ?. the show is 4 months off.
  5. Cratos

    Fuel additive for ethanol fuel

    I have found the VP octane booster has worked the best so fair 1.25 oz to 5 gallons of 89 non eth going to try 50 /50 mix of 100 LL next :)
  6. Cratos

    Fuel additive for ethanol fuel

    I was told the aluminum over time degrades.
  7. Cratos

    Fuel additive for ethanol fuel

    what additive are you using to advert the ethanol problems on carbureted motors? i am getting tired of having to mix octane booster on the non-ethanol I only have 89 oct locally so I have to mix in 5-gallon batches.
  8. Cratos

    max lift with 440 rocker arms?

    how do you check for wear on the rockers and shafts? (on a 50 year old motor) I see Mancie make new arms and shafts. just running a sixpack cam nothing big. not sure of the wear in the arms and shafts.
  9. Cratos

    SOLD 1970-74 original Cuda / Challenger rear swaybar*REDUCED*

    what is the center to center on the axle mount
  10. Cratos

    How fat of a tire will fit

    15x8 front 15x10 rear.
  11. Cratos

    Roller rocker reconditions.

    thank you for the info.
  12. Cratos

    Roller rocker reconditions.

    I am thinking about switching to roller rockers since the ones in my motor at 50+ years old. back in the day I used crane rockers on my blower motor and was very happy with them. I see all kinds of different rockers out there now. what are the ones to stay away from and who make good affordable...
  13. Cratos

    Pinging at low total timing advance

    I got tired of all the crappie fuel (only run Non eth) so i stared adding vp octane booster. 1.5 oz to 5 gall no more pinging i can only get 89 NE fuel around here so I had to do something!!
  14. Cratos


    maybe they'll judge it this time. Never saw judge 1 last time.
  15. Cratos

    High Charging Voltage

    try a ground direct from the reg to the block I daisy chained reg ecu to block just to make sure
  16. Cratos

    High Charging Voltage

    be sure you have a good ground to the block from the fire wall. grounds are always a problem.
  17. Cratos

    Advantage to move springs in?

    Thank you 15 x 10 keystones Klassics. and superstock springs ( I like the old school rake look) with 1 inch off set hanger kit
  18. Cratos

    a body rear in a ebody?

    Iput an a-body in my 70 with 1 inch spring relocation kit and 295-50-15's fit with room to spare.
  19. Cratos

    Advantage to move springs in?

    I put an A-body 8-3/4 and one inch offset spring hangers on mine and 295-50-15's on 15 x 10 keystones fit right on with room to spare.
  20. Cratos

    Wheel tub Tire clearance

    is anyone running Nitto 325-50-15's on a 70 challenger? i am running MT 295-50 15's now on 15x10 keystones. and wondering if the Nitto's will fit already moved springs inward 1 inch and have an A-body 8-3/4 in it . looking at tire spec's it should fit but everyone's tire spec's never match up.