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    WTB Looking for Transmission

    Looking for engine and transmission 0B182222 maybe its still out there
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    Looking for Tranny

    Looking for engine and transmission 0B182222 maybe its out there still
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    Build Sheet

    I have the initials CW written on the build sheet in with a crayon doe it mean anything
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    WTB 340 Block

    Looking for a 340 block prefer a warranty block with no numbers stamped but would take one with numbers. I need a casting date before 11/69 so a Sept or Oct would be fine. Anybody have one?
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    70 Cuda Hood

    Can anyone tell me the part number for a original 71 shaker hood, I have a 70 Cuda with a shaker hood but see 3 round holes on the front right underneath where it looks like the Plymouth emblem goes i also have a part number on the drivers side front lip of the hood stamped in. Looks like 441 ...
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    Fuel gauge

    I have to ask maybe someone knows i have a 89 F250 pick up with a 351 and when my engine is off the gauge shows how much fuel i have but when i start the engine it drops to Empty and stays there anyone know what is causing that
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    WTB Speaker fader Switch

    Looking for the speaker fader switch that mounts to the left of the steering column anybody have one
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    340 Intake manifold

    Im thinking about doing my 340 intake manifold gasket. ( getting a leak in the back where it meets the head) Do i have to remove the distributor to change the gasket or can i leave it be ? Does the 340 have a valley pan gasket or is that just for big blocks? What gaskets do you recommend to use...
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    Clutch Safety Switch

    Does anyone know the correct part number for the clutch Safety Switch for a 70 Cuda
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    Hood Pins

    Can someone advise from the factory if your car had hood pins did the pins go straight in or did they go in sideways. Ive seen people have it both ways but what was factory correct
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    WTB 1970 Cuda radio

    Hi everyone I'm looking for a working radio for my 70 Cuda anyone have one they wanna sell. Thanks
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    Pistol Grip Shifter

    Hi everyone I'm looking to replace the shifter rods and maybe get a new base for my pistol grip. I use to send it back to Hurst but someone bought them out i was told not sure who so who's the best company to go to for these parts. Thanks
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    Light bar lights stay on

    My rally cluster light bar lights are one all the time. It weird if i don't start the car they don't come on only when the headlights are on. If i start it they come on and stay on and the dimmer doesn't work either any ideas i have been working on the cluster and may of moved something
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    Rally Cluster Help

    I have a 70 Cuda with a rally cluster and my issue is everything works but the 3 gauges -fuel, water temp and oil pressure, I tested the sending unit and its good in the gas tank. I can't see 3 gauges going bad at once so i think the gauges arent getting power, Can anyone tell me where the power...
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    Clutch Switch

    Can anyone advise if they repo the clutch starter safety switch i can't find one.
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    Power steering

    Looking to put power steering in my 70 Cuda does anyone who sells a kit to do this. Does the pittman arm have to be changed.
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    Engine Oil

    Was thinking about using Mobil 1 synthetic oil in my motor. The motor was rebuilt and doesn't have a lot of miles on it i was also gonna use a Fram PH8A filter your thoughts? Or should i stick to conventional oil
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    Curious how long did Plymouth warranty the cars back in 1970?
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    Cuda option

    I was talking with a friend about sideview mirror option on a 70 Cuda. Was there a a option for dual chrome sideview mirrors or was it only body color ? i know later years you could get the chrome but how about in 70?
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    WTB WTB -- Warranty 340 Block

    Looking for a 340 warrant block ( blank front engine pad) with a casting date 1969 or 1970 anyone have one ?