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  1. sir_veza

    Powermaster Alternator

    Hello, Was wondering if anybody else has been using the Powermaster PWM-17509 alternator, using a voltage regulator bolted to the firewall. (I've had this on the Challenger since 2006 but it's starting to fade). Checked around and the PWM-17509 is on backorder BUT I can get the PWM-175091 which...
  2. sir_veza

    Clutch Pedal Return Spring Noise

    Started to hear a clicking/spring noise from around the clutch pedal return spring when pressing down the clutch pedal. Looked for any obvious lube points but can't seem to get it right. Anybody else have this issue? Thanks!
  3. sir_veza

    Incorrect Speed On Speedometer

    This year's winter / spring project is now behind me, transmission & rear end upgrade etc (special thanks to Chryco for all your advice and tips)! - Had the Challenger out for the first time yesterday and there's an issue with the speedometer. As I changed the rear end from 3:91 to 3:55 I...
  4. sir_veza

    Chipped 3rd & 4th Gears

    Got this news today. 3rd - 29 tooth & 4th - 24 tooth gear chipped.
  5. sir_veza

    Urgent - Lower Steering Column - (Apparently) needs replacement

    Just got an "urgent" call from the mechanic who is working on my transmission saying there is an "Serious Issue with the steering column". "The steering could go anytime". He's saying the the lower steering column is needing immediate replacement! The car originally had manual steering but a...
  6. sir_veza

    A833 Stuck In 3rd Gear

    Getting things ready for the driving season and wanted to throw this out... Before I put the Challenger away last fall for the winter I had an issue with the transmission getting stuck in 3rd occasionally. Also it was hard getting into 1st without going through reverse when idling/stopped...
  7. sir_veza

    8.75 Oil Capacity

    Finally about to start the 3.55 swap from the 3.91 rear end. As the 8.75 rear end has an oil capacity of 4.4 pints I'm throwing it out for discussion to make sure any oil over fill is ok?? As oil is sold by the liter in Canada I'm going to use 2 liters of gear oil plus 4 oz posi additive. Net...
  8. sir_veza

    CAST IRON Thermostat Housing

    Does anybody have a cast iron thermostat housing they want to sell? Don't need urgently but after looking at EBay some sellers want as much as the item for shipping to Canada!!! (It can easily ship USPS as a low value shipment) without all the EBay shipping drama & expense. Thx Steve
  9. sir_veza

    FINALLY Managed To Post Pictures

    Only took a couple of weeks !!!
  10. sir_veza

    Optimal Rear End

    Some of you may have seen my post last week when I signed up regarding changing my 74 Challenger from 3.91 to either 3.23 or 3.55 rear end. I do have the option of buying a 3.23 cheap from a friend, but after thinking it over may decline. I'm thinking more about keeping the 3.91 (489 casting)...
  11. sir_veza

    3.23 or 3.55 rear end?

    Hello Everybody, This is an excellent forum and can't wait to jump in! My ride is a 1974 Challenger with a 360 stroked to 408. A833 - 4 speed with 3.91 (8 3/4) rear end. Thinking of changing to either 3.23 or 3.55 so I can enjoy driving more at cruising speeds etc. Interested in reading some...