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  1. Mr Cuda

    WTB cuda flip down license plate spring

    Rainyday007. You might be a great guy, $75 shipped for a Ebody one shipped might be in reason, if nice. Say hi and post a bit. Over here, we like more than 1 post. Cuda on the left, B/C body on the right. The difference is the bracket to body. Spring and pin the same. Early B are painted...
  2. Mr Cuda

    WTB cuda flip down license plate spring

    I was going to post a comparison picture today and pm you. I haven't even had coffee yet. 3 hrs behind, ...not even 7
  3. Mr Cuda

    WTB cuda flip down license plate spring

    The spring can probably be replaced with one from any flip down/up license plate holder. I probably have a junky one to rob the spring out of. But if you are just using it for an art project, use the B or C one and save the E for someone who needs it. Here is a B body plate holder that was...
  4. Mr Cuda

    Correct bolts for hood latch - 70 Barracuda

    First pictures are anchor and a odd marking from a 71. The clean one was painted with the hood loup, which is corrrect. I wire wheeled the paint off. The safety catch are phosphate coated which can become rust hazy. Second picture has a variety of markings, including "sems" which seems to be...
  5. Mr Cuda

    Correct bolts for hood latch - 70 Barracuda

    @pschlosser. First I'm hearing about it. If you are having a hard time, early production, with the loose toothed washer? Or toothed or smooth kep bolt? Bolts, bolts and more bolts. Unfortunatly, mailing bolts sucks cost wize, as it goes as a small package. Minimum $6 VHS flat rate box is...
  6. Mr Cuda

    SOLD 1970 hood hinge cores

    I have a pair of early 70 hood hinges that need to go straight to resto rick for a rebuild. They are off an AAR, which explains the overuse. No springs as they were reused. Not bent, or rusty. I would ship directly to rick after you get in contact with him. $50 for the pair and shipping...
  7. Mr Cuda

    Correct carb gasket for an Eddie LD340 and a new AVS 2 carb?

    I would run a divided gasket. 4 hole or single divider. The premise is that sealing the primaries from each other will help primary mixture balance, while the notch balances the volume at rpm. A 4 hole adds a bit more signal strength , nominally over the single divider type. Will you feel...
  8. Mr Cuda

    FOR SALE 70-74 challenger small misc parts mostly from a 73 challenger

    The latches are 71 up style, which some people feel is a bonus, as they do not require you to lock the car with a key. Fit plymouth and dodge. $20 each is fair, maybe better
  9. Mr Cuda

    FOR SALE 70-74 challenger small misc parts mostly from a 73 challenger

    FYI, Regulator is for challenger, not cuda
  10. Mr Cuda

    Casting (Engineering) Numbers

    I heard from old machinists, that the suffix, -2,-4, up to -10 is the number of casting core plugs used to make the mold. The machinsts said the higher the casting mold number, the more core shift. I do know that later model blocks had higher numbers, possibly a manufacturing, money saving...
  11. Mr Cuda

    Second Time Owner 75-79 & 2023...

    Welcome. That's pretty cool getting your car back. Perfect time to own an old Mopar. You are now able to buy new parts, and don't have to scrounge for "good enough". Interior parts are a good example, minus the wait time.
  12. Mr Cuda


    For my American racing 200s wheels, I had my machinist spin up a set. They were nearly 3/8" thick . Your wheel looks like you might need a 1/2" to get to the axle pilot. Once I had rings to center, then I used long studs and nuts to avoid having to rely on thinwall mag lugs.
  13. Mr Cuda

    FOR SALE 3 speaker dash wiring with mono rear and dash speakers

    I have a variety of 3 speaker dash wiring. One for 3 speaker dash with a single rear speaker, including 3 wire clips( 2 shown) and crossover box. I guess that's for AM. $150. No switch One with 3 speaker dash, stereo dual rear speakers, (square connector, mid to late 70+up) crossover box...
  14. Mr Cuda

    Gran Coupe Rocker Moldings

    The factory clip has a neoprene foam seal built in.
  15. Mr Cuda

    Gran Coupe Rocker Moldings

    If this clip is available, and someone needs them, they should buy them. They look correct. A picture off my rocker trim also.
  16. Mr Cuda

    Headlight mounting...light will only mount turned 90*?

    1967-69 A body 7" headlight buckets are the same on both sides. So 2 lefts.
  17. Mr Cuda

    WTB 7" passenger side headlight bucket

    Pm me here or there https://forum.e-bodies.org/parts-misc-for-sale/9/cuda-and-challenger-headlight-buckets-70-74-for-sale/27782/msg311275#msg311275
  18. Mr Cuda

    Are these needed on the stock K member

    LOL! I did say that. Still true. Cut that interference metal out of the way. And don't forget to add a torque strap to avoid motor mount breakage with that 440.
  19. Mr Cuda

    1970 Cuda convertible windshield trim needed

    If it makes your search any easier, you need the inside 3 moldings. The plastic pillar post cover are the same as hardtop, with the top cut off. You can use damaged hardtop, or reproduction. I sold my last interior inner corner. Expect approximately $1000 for the interior set, depending on...
  20. Mr Cuda

    WTB 10 x 2.5 rear brakes for 8.75

    As it turns out, I have no other backing plates loose. Just ones on the hoof. Those cars could be awhile before being broken apart.