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    What’s it worth in the real world

    I tell anyone even considering making me an offer on my car - “come on down to my bank, and start counting, I’ll let you know when you’re done”……! After the shock wears off, Then I suggest to go find a project car, and spend countless hours, and piles of money…..and if you live long enough to...
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    Welcome Home 1970 S.E.

    Thank you - the first set they sent me were blemished, and pitted badly. All 4 wheels were sent back, the replacements they sent were of much better quality. It drives, and handles nicely.
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    Welcome Home 1970 S.E.

    At the time - Yes - to do it again, I would have it black.
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    Welcome Home 1970 S.E.

    Yes, those V5X pieces are original, the lower rocker panel pieces were not savable - had to replace those.
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    Welcome Home 1970 S.E.

    Thank You - it’s a blast to drive.
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    Welcome Home 1970 S.E.

    I acquired this rare find in 1998. It had a few problems, and after a little attention, she became a survivor roadworthy machine again. I drove it to a million car shows, cruise ins and such until 2017….. After a medical incident, it occurred to me that I’m not getting any younger, and if I...
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    Welcome Home 1970 S.E.

    It’s been 7 long years, but my baby is back home.
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    New to E bodies

    For that price, it might be worth jumping on - these old E Body project cars are only going up in price, and that’s when you can find a good candidate. Welcome, and good luck!
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    70 Challenger SE Headliner

    I just had one put in my 70 S.E. It’s a pain to install but I dig those lights.
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    About parts manufacturers

    One thing for sure, the more you look, the more parts you’ll find out there. This forum is information heaven, if you’re unsure about something, these folks are the ones to ask. Calling it a Hobby is a nice way to describe it, here’s your fair warning. The more you hang around here, the sooner...
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    Newer Challenger Advice

    Just think - one day AI will take over, and most State jobs will be on the dumb end of a shovel, following a dump truck full of hot patch. Followed by 9 months of winter…..lol
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    1970 Challenger Project

    I see an SE emblem on the hood, if that’s the original to the car, finding some of the SE parts for it might be a challenge. Take your time, be patient, and drive the wheels off of it when your done.
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    Chasing a dream but is it worth it ???

    Once your to the assembly stage, and you see your car coming together is when you realize it’s worth it.
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    WTB ISO 1970 Cuda body side molding V5X option

    Thank you for the knowledge on these trim packages, I knew the pieces I have came off of Challengers, I just never had the details.
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    WTB ISO 1970 Cuda body side molding V5X option

    Thank you Lee - I’m still a 70 Challenger novice, with zero Cuda knowledge.
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    WTB ISO 1970 Cuda body side molding V5X option

    Good morning - here’s what I’ve got. I’m unsure of the difference between the door, and fender pieces - I have 4 pieces that measure 56”, with a few clips here and there - 1 is chewed up on 1 end, I don’t think it’s repairable - I also have left and right rear quarter moldings, in really good...
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    WTB ISO 1970 Cuda body side molding V5X option

    I have several unrestored V5X pieces for the Challenger’s, but probably not a complete set - if the dimensions match your Cuda, I’m willing to sell the pieces I have, to at least get you heading in the right direction. Send me the door and fender lengths your looking for and I’ll go measure what...
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    SOLD Set of 1971-74 Dodge Challenger Body Side Mouldings, in Black

    I’ve got that V5X trim on my 70 Challenger, it’s not a common option. These pieces look great, and should sell quick.
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    Garage squad

    A show like that would grab a little attention I’m sure. My girls always loved old car shows, and my old Challenger. Getting a younger generation hooked on anything that gets their fingers dirty, without a touch screen is difficult at best.